5 Advantages of an Employee ID Badge

by Sudarsan

Why do some companies use the employee ID badge and others don’t?

It’s puzzling. They are affordable for all large companies. And once you have a relationship with an excellent ID badge maker, they are super quick and easy to order.

But why should you invest in employee ID badges if things seem to be okay as they are? Here are some great reasons why employee IDs are a good idea.

1. Identification

This is one of the main benefits of employee IDs.

In most cases, employee ID badges include the employee’s name, role, and headshot. With everyone wearing an employee ID badge, new starters will be able to identify colleagues they have never met before. It helps them not only know their name but also their level of seniority.

And if you work for a big company, ID badges will help people who have never met before identify each other. They are also helpful in big meetings when employees might need to remember dozens of new names.

2. Security

With every staff member wearing an employee ID badge or lanyard, this makes it easier for workers and any security staff to spot an intruder.

The ID badge could act as a key for entrances and exits so companies can register the comings and goings of their staff. This is useful and necessary in offices with a large amount of expensive tech or sensitive data.

3. Access Level

Speaking of security, you could also give out different types of employee IDs depending on their access level. Higher-level employees could have access to different meeting rooms or more secure locations.

Visitors and temporary staff members like contracted workers could have more basic ID badges. See here for examples of easy-to-make name badges.

4. Diversity

There are lots of pros and cons of employee ID badges, but one of the main pros is how much they help diversity and inclusion.

Many employees with non-Western names often feel an obligation to use a shortened version of their “difficult” name. But if they had an ID badge, they could include the phonetic pronunciation of their name underneath. This will empower them to use their own name and feel accepted.

The employee ID badges could also include everyone’s pronouns. This will ensure that workers do not misgender their colleagues.

5. Icebreakers

ID badges can also make great icebreakers. On the set of her film Lady Bird (2017), director Greta Gerwig and her crew wore name tags. They wrote their first name and their favorite film on these tags.

So, Gerwig’s name tag said “Greta” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Employee ID badges could also be icebreakers which is ideal in a creative, collaborative company. Some ideas for icebreakers include:

  • Favorite place/meal/sports team
  • The year they started at the company
  • Hometown

Make the icebreaker relevant to the company to get your employees talking. For example, if you work for McDonald’s, ask everyone to choose their favorite menu item or Happy Meal toy.

Employee ID Badge: Essential Office Equipment

Introducing an employee ID badge to every employee, visitor, and contracted worker makes a lot of sense. And once all existing workers have one, they are so easy to keep on top of. You will wonder why you didn’t get them sooner!

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