Barbed Wire Ring for a Highly Strung Addition

by Sudarsan

Are you searching for a jewellery-like barbed wire ring for bikers? In this article, you can read about the barbed wire rings in detail.

Why do Bikers and Barb Wire names come together?

Bikers and barb wire appear to go collectively. Why is that? In that respect, there is barb wire jewellery and barb wire tattoos, only to name a couple of the ways a few bikers like to do work this theme into their appearance.

Perhaps it is because barb wire is indeed challenging, barely like those who wish to wear it in one type or another. It is solid, and it has its knifelike adjoins. It can be glossy and fresh like the wings on a Harley, or it can appear crooked and rusty, but either way, it has a definite rough appeal.

Possibly it has something to come with what the wire represents? Barbs can admonish other people to “Watch out” or “Don’t mess up with me,” they can as well say, “do not argue me in.”It all hinges on the point of view of the individual wearing it.

Whatsoever the reasons, barb wire stays favourite with bikers. Thereon, let’s look at a biker jewellery barb wire ring. 

Biker jewellery proposes a nice collection of biker rings and wrist handcuffs. Their Barb Wire Spinner Ring is created from excellent silver. This ring boasts a highly well-elaborated barb wire theme inset on an oxidized black setting. The ring is a strong band simply; the inset is created to spin. It is not the most robust or most gamey biker ring you are able to find out, but it is yet impressive. It is accessible in different sizes, varying from 7 to 13, and the price is around $45.00 plus shipping charges.

If you want this sort of ring, then you can purchase it online or personally from the store. Handcuffs are also available for bikers, created from superlative silver; the particulars on this wrist handcuff make it just about a complete match to the ring depicted above. The overt band style of the handcuff creates it a one-size-fits-all. The price starts around $245.00 plus shipping charges.

You can also make it on order just as you want. Or if you’re going to write or any image on it, you can make it on demand. You can avail its customized services for this purpose.

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