How to roll back miles on a car?

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Nowadays, many car owners try to find a way and adjust odometer data. The main reason for the adjustment is to lower mileage numbers and increase the price of a car. It’s a well-known fact that low mileage means a longer lifespan for a vehicle, which increases the value. Hence, if a person wants to sell a car at a higher price than it actually costs, he/she might think about reprogramming the odometer. Another reason is decreasing the insurance cost. Insurance cost is much cheaper for cars with low kilometers/miles. 

Due to increased demand, there appeared many types of tools on a market. With helping of correction tools you can change, reverse, rollback kilometer data on odometers. But such devices have many drawbacks. For instance, changed data might spontaneously increase after detaching the tool. You might get some errors on a speedometer and odometer, after rewind, etc. Besides that, a diagnostic can easily check whether the odometer was rolled back or not. Using the kilometer changer device is unethical and might cause a fine under the local law.

If you want to avoid all the above-mentioned unpleasant circumstances, I’d advise you to use Mileage blocker from Nonetheless using a mileage blocker won’t change odometer figures, it can help you to stop counting miles while in motion. 

Mileage blocker – Ethical way of avoiding counting extra miles

After reading all the drawbacks of the correction tools, you might doubt whether there is any ethical odometer tool. Luckily there is an ethical way of avoiding counting extra mileage. The Mileage blocker from, can help you to test vehicle performance and avoid additional miles on a car. 

Difference between mileage stopper and mileage changer

There are many differences between mileage stopper and mileage changer tools. The first and notable difference is eligibility. The Mileage stopper offered by is an ethical device, compared to correction tools. 

The second difference is that mileage stopper doesn’t change the data on your car, but avoids you counting extra miles. It helps you to avoid adding unnecessary miles on odometer data while testing its performance. 

Unique specifications of odometer blocker

Many reasons make the odometer blocker from unique. Below is listed some specifications which make the tool reliable:

  • Installation doesn’t require soldering or cutting wires;
  • You can easily install using the DIY instruction;
  • The mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously, after removal;
  • Selected settings are saved unconditionally;

Please note, the odometer blocker is appropriate only for testing and tuning purposes, and should not be used on public roads.

Kilometer stopper compatibility

The other thing that makes the tool unique, is its compatibility. You can find a kilometer stopper for almost any car model at Programmers write software specifically for each manufacturer and model to make sure it works flawlessly. 


As you can see there are many odometer devices, but the only ethical way of avoiding unpleasant circumstances can be the Mileage Blocker. Hope you will enjoy using the tool and explore more advantages besides the above-mentioned. 

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