Lower Business’ Operational Costs with Portable Air Conditioners

by Alan Roody
Portable Air Conditioners

Australia’s changing weather pattern can cost your business arms and legs because of HVAC operational and maintenance costs. This statement is true, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses running on limited capital. So when opting for something much more on the economical side, a portable air conditioner provides all the necessary benefits without the associated costs. If you have a small to medium-sized office space, a portable AC unit provides the comfort you need to perform tasks.

Some of these simple machines can cool a room without the necessary power requirements. It is one reason to opt for a portable AC, given that it eliminates power outlet modifications and extra power line supplies.

The Benefits of Using a Portable Air Conditioner

There are some critical benefits when opting for a portable air conditioner. Most of these advantages come from the unit being small enough to fit in a small space and its lack of need for complex installation processes.

A portable AC unit only requires the fitting of the vent pipes which fits well into a small hole placed through your window sill. Some of the discernible benefits of using a portable AC unit include:

  • No building code or city ordinance restrictions. A complex HVAC system installation would require you to get an installation permit from your local safety engineering office. Since a portable air conditioner is compact, it will not require you to go through a lengthy paperwork process.
  • A suitable unit for small offices. If you are worried about skyrocketing electric bills, it is better to get an AC unit that can cover the amount of office space you have. Portable ACs are best suited in small rooms that do not require powerful HVAC systems or isolated areas that cannot be reached by your central AC unit.
  • Cool and humidify your Small Office Space at the Same Time. There are portable AC models that have a humidifying feature, allowing your business office to be both cool and dry. If you have employees who constantly suffer from allergies, it is best to have the room fitted with a portable AC to provide them with the right humidity levels.

Understanding What Makes a Portable AC Unit Different

Portable air conditioners are much more compact than conventional free-standing ACs or those attached to a wall or window. Just like any other ACs, the portable models still need to remove condensation and warm air from a room.

It means you need to set up the unit near a window or a door, so the warm air is expelled through the vent hose. Hoses are typically around 5 feet, and you still need to have the window closed so cool air stays within the enclosed space.

But other than that, a portable air conditioner provides the right amount of temperature regulation needed in a tight and enclosed space. Its compact size makes it one of an ideal HVAC system for studio apartments. Small and medium-sized businesses requiring room temperature regulation can find this cooling equipment more suitable for their space.

If you are cost cutting on some of the essential outlay of business operations,  a portable AC unit will help you save on your monthly electric bill. If you are looking for an HVAC system that fits your small office space, consider getting a portable AC unit. 

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