4 Small Ways To Help Create A Better Planet For Future Generations

by Sudarsan

With the effects of climate change already becoming apparent, you may be more concerned than ever about taking care of the planet we live on. Especially if you have children, you will be inclined to want to make sure there are plenty of important resources still around for future generations to come. Unfortunately in order for this to be the case, everyone needs to do their part and make small changes in their daily lives. Luckily, these small changes can create large and positive changes for Mother Earth. Here are 4 small ways you can help create a better planet for the future.


Taking more than one car, truck, or SUV to school or work each day can really add up. Not only does it waste a lot of gas and money, but the emissions alone are absolutely horrible for the planet.
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Opt to ride a bicycle, take public transportation, or carpool instead whenever you can. If you are able to do this, you will be helping reduce smog in your area more than you realize.

Reduce Plastic Usage

As you are probably already aware, most plastics either don’t ever break down or take hundreds – thousands of years to do so. Be conscious of plastic usage in your household. Use paper products instead whenever you are able and remember you always recycle. Special biodegradable plastics are also available now in many markets and are a total game-changer. Using biodegradable plastics or plastic alternatives is one of the most important things you can do to try to save the planet. 


Using your voting powers is another great way to give Mother Earth a helping hand. Make sure to do all of your research on different bills, laws, and politicians so that you are aware of what and who you are voting for when the time comes. Speak up about bills that will be bad for the environment and do everything in your power to make sure they don’t pass. Talk to friends and family members about it, and make sure to only give your vote to congress members who you know will stand up for the planet and always put the environment first.

Conserve Water

Unfortunately, water on our planet is running out at an alarming rate. Because it is something everyone needs to survive, this is a very upsetting fact. If you want to do whatever you can to help save the planet, conserving water is one of the first things you should try to do. Cut your showers in half, fix faucet leaks right away, and don’t run the laundry or dishwasher any more often than is absolutely needed. These are small things that won’t make a noticeable difference in your life but will help when it comes to the environment, especially if everybody commits to doing them.
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Saving the world doesn’t have to entail huge grandiose gestures. If you do your part to just do small things on a daily basis, it will make a huge difference to the environment in the end.

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