7 Reasons why you should watch documentaries

by Sudarsan

Documentaries are a great way to learn about the world around you in an engaging, entertaining way. Whether you enjoy learning about history or science, there is always something out there for everyone. Documentaries are often very interesting as well because they discuss topics that are usually not talked about or seen in mainstream media. Watching documentaries can be a great way to spend your free time! Here are reasons why everyone should watch documentaries in their spare time!

They are educational: 

You can find documentaries for any topic that interests you, including music documentaries and travel documentaries, including music documentaries and history documentaries. Sometimes documentaries will even have an educational focus, such as how to learn a new language or learn about the science behind something you love. Many documentaries will teach you about history in a fun and engaging way! Documentaries can be incredibly educational as well! Of course, documentaries that tackle historical topics will give viewers a deeper understanding of the occurrences and people that shaped our world. However, even documentaries about science and technology can give you new information to learn from! For example, some popular science-based documentaries might explain how weather happens or what causes thunder and lightning.

Documentaries can be entertaining: 

Even if you don’t learn something from the documentary itself, it can be a great way to switch up your usual routine and watch something new! Many documentaries can be funny or shocking because they talk about stories that were never told before. Documentaries can tackle serious topics in a light-hearted way too! For example, some travel and food documentaries will teach you interesting facts about the places and cultures that they speak about, but in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. Other fun-focused documentaries might look at history from a different perspective, such as how popular television shows like Pawn Stars or American Restoration “restore” historical artifacts.

Documentaries allow you to view perspectives you’ve never seen: 

Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs on things, and documentaries present a different way of viewing the world. Whether you see something from a religious or scientific view or have certain political views, documentaries allow you to explore opinions you hadn’t even considered before! Whether it’s science-related topics like the Big Bang, how nature works like in Planet Earth, or historical topics like World War II, documentaries are often unlike anything you’ve seen before! Sometimes watching the same old movies can get repetitive and boring; however, A documentary is always something that will keep you occupied and excited to hear what’s next.

Documentaries are affordable: 

Often, you can find documentaries on special websites such as Netflix or YouTube for use on your home computer, television, or even your mobile device. Additionally, some libraries may have documentary movie rentals that you could check out to watch during a free evening! Many streaming services have documentaries that you can watch for free or cheap, so there’s no reason not to pick up a documentary every once in a while! You can find many different streaming services that provide modern and classic documentaries for absolutely free! Some of these websites include YouTube and Vimeo! But if you are searching for any documentary, but do not have a cable, you can always download it from u1337x on your device and watch it on the go!

Documentaries come from reputable sources: 

Most documentaries are produced by companies that specialize in creating educational content. Examples would be Discovery and the History Channel but you can also watch these documentaries by downloading them that allows you to access unlimited content online. When watching a documentary, you can be sure that there will always be some sort of evidence and/or interviews backing up what is being said. When watching a documentary, you do not have to worry about the opinions of the host getting in the way like you would when watching a satirical news show. Most documentaries are unbiased and aim to discuss an issue without pushing any specific agendas on the audience.

Anyone can watch documentaries: 

Many people believe that they cannot watch a documentary because they need to be “smart” for it. This is simply not true. Documentaries use relatable examples and language to make their points. No prior knowledge is needed to watch a documentary! As stated before, documentaries are a great way to learn about the world around you entertainingly. Whether you enjoy learning about history or science, there is always something out there for everyone about everything in every genre. Documentaries are often very interesting as well because they discuss topics that are usually not talked about or seen in mainstream media.

You can learn about different cultures: 

Documentaries provide a window into other people’s lives and cultures. They can offer new perspectives on subjects you’re already familiar with. Documentaries typically cover fascinating, unusual topics: Many people enjoy documentaries because they discuss topics that are not talked about in mainstream media. One example of this is the Emmy award-winning documentary Blackfish. This documentary discusses orcas (killer whales) and how they live in captivity at marine parks such as SeaWorld. While this might not be something that you would ever discuss in day-to-day conversation, it is an engaging topic to learn about.


While documentaries may sound boring, many are quite fun! They can be exciting, hilarious, or even bizarre. Documentaries have the potential to keep you entertained from start to finish. All it takes is one interesting topic or idea to get hooked!

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