A Quick Guide to Install New Decals for your Lacrosse Helmet

by Sudarsan

Lacrosse is all about speed and endurance, hence its nickname – “the fastest game on two feet.” It is also regarded as the ‘oldest sport’ organized in North America. Like football, it is also about running and making goals, but slightly different. Here, players have a lacrosse stick and ball, which they need to carry, catch, shoot, and ultimately the goal. But, unlike football, these players need protective gear like helmets, gloves, shoulder and elbow pads.

Therefore, lacrosse helmet decals are trendy among the fans and players of the game. There are various designs and styles that one can choose for their helmet. In fact, flaunting decals on the helmet is more of a pride and vital style segment.

Now, even if buying a decal is considered challenging, installing it is more complex for beginners. But don’t worry. Here is a step-by-step guideline for you in this article:

Buy Decals That Have High Adhesive Power

Buying a helmet decal from any random company you find will probably bring in bad results. And bad results include the decal wearing off faster. Besides, it might also get unattached from your helmet due to a weak adhesive. Therefore, always buy your decal from a company specializing in selling lacrosse decals.

Now, before applying your decal, make sure you have a microfibre cloth. You can also use soap and water instead to clean the surface of your helmet. Doing this is essential because even a tiny bit of dirt or moisture will weaken the decal adhesive.

Should You Paint Your Helmet before Applying the Decal?

Your lacrosse helmet might have a fading color, and you are thinking about painting it. So, should you do it before applying a decal?
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Well, that might not be a good idea because –

  • Quality decals have a sticky and robust adhesive. They will attach to the helmet’s paint, and when you peel it off, the color might also come off.
  • So, if you do not have the exact paint shade with you, it might look very odd.
  • Even if you find the same shade, the selective painting will make uneven surface levels. It will make the helmet look bumpy and cracked.

Beside these, you can even lose your product warranty after painting. Many helmet and decal companies do not provide a warranty if the buyer has modified their product. So, the wise decision is to avoid painting it or get in touch with a professional.

How to Fit the Decal on Your Helmet?

Companies selling high-quality decals usually come in two forms –

  • A single-piece decal for the whole helmet
  • Cut down pieces of the same decal for different parts of the helmet

If you have bought the first one, you will need a blade or a pair of scissors to apply the edges, the holes, or cracks. But, if you have the second form, applying the decal is a breeze. All you need is to follow the final helmet look and paste the pieces as they should be.

Wrapping Up

While you apply lacrosse helmet decals, always ensure that your hands are free of dirt and moisture. Just like your helmet’s surface, even the tiniest bit of particles can weaken the life of the decal. And after the successful application of the decal, there you go, you have yourself a fresh-looking helmet.

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