An estate planning attorney

by Sudarsan

When planning for an eventual passing or some other incapacitating event, the estate planning lawyer from Atlanta will guide you on the legal process of getting your financial affairs appropriate. This is someone who has years of mentoring and experience in inheritance and estate law. 

What does the estate lawyer do?

It’s the lawyer’s work to draft living trusts and develop a plan to mitigate or even avoid tax. This person will ensure you don’t lose your life’s savings and assets and pass them to the bonafide beneficiaries. 

Simply put, the clauses and trusts they draft ensure that you don’t lose your estate to creditors and other predators who want to swoop your inheritance.

The estate planning attorney also prepares the powers of attorney and healthcare-related directives so that everything is well taken care of if you become mentally incapacitated. The power of attorney is the authority you delegate to someone you trust so when you become incapacitated; they can sign and make decisions on your behalf. 

They also help you avoid conservatorship issues when you need someone else to look after your affairs. You can have guardians appointed to take care of your children and other personal issues. If, unfortunately, you pass on before they attain an appropriate age- and God forbid- then you have a conservator to handle the finances and inheritance. 

Qualities of a sound estate Attorney

When it comes to choosing an estate planning lawyer, you don’t just go for anyone in the tag of a lawyer, nope. You’ve to choose the right guy, and here are few things you may want to consider;

A Specialist

Get a specialist in matters of estate planning for an attorney. There are so many lawyers in the market today, and most of these will want to convince you that they’re the best fit for the job but check out their area of training and years of practice in estate planning law. That way, you know that you’re getting the right guy to deliver your desired results. 


A good estate planning attorney is always willing to meet you in person or even call you on the phone for an appointment so that you agree on what favors you. The scope of the engagement and the entire cost of the process should be clearly outlined in a letter that both parties should sign. 

At the initial meeting, you and the lawyer should agree on payment terms, whether hourly, daily or on a flat basis.

Most importantly, you should never focus on the amount you pay for the service but on the quality of service.

A Good Background

Not every estate planning lawyer has a good story. By doing research and asking for referrals, you will know the story of the attorney you want to engage. Find out how they have been in the business and the feedback from their clients. If you get wind of a questionable character, then you know you must go on with your search.

Do not settle for any estate planning attorney; choose someone here who will deliver the best results. Let the professional help you in your planning. It may cost you a good amount, but that can’t be compared to the cost of changing an attorney midway. 

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