Buying A Pug OR Adopt a Pug

by Sudarsan

A majority of pet owners are well aware of the immediate benefits of sharing their lives with companion animals. Due to natural selection, pugs have become extremely perceptive to the thoughts and feelings of their owners. Far though dogs can understand many of our words, they are even better at reading our body language, tone of voice, and gestures.

Due to natural selection, pets have become extremely perceptive to the thoughts and feelings of their owners. Far though dogs can understand many of our words, they are even better at reading our body language, tone of voice, and gestures.

In the same way that a childhood friend would, a dedicated dog would look into your eyes and try to understand what you’re going through.

If you’re looking for a little, affectionate dog that will quickly bond with you, the Pugs might be the breed for you. They are a breed that is expressive, lively, and pretty humorous. They can’t wait to play and will follow you around pretty much anywhere. 

You may think, “How do I get one?” Do I seek agencies that sell them or for puppies waiting to be adopted? Here are some logical considerations about both that will assist you in making your decision:

What Is the Difference Between Pet Stores and Shelters?

Pet businesses make money by selling little lives. The majority of pets available in shops are bred in hefty breeding mills, in which they are crowded into filthy cages or bins. Animals are mass-produced in these mills as products, and their fundamental needs are frequently ignored. Many are transported to pet stores in tiny compartments, where they arrive famished, unwell, or damaged. The cost of conducting business includes the expense of dead or dying animals.

The purpose of pet stores is to make money; the goal of animal shelters is to preserve lives and avoid suffering. Unwanted, stray, or abandoned animals are taken in by shelters, which provide them with veterinary treatment, food, water, and shelter before finding them loving homes. Unlike pet retailers and breeders, animal shelters carefully screen potential adopters to ensure that the animals are going to a secure home and someone who can properly care for them.

Apart From Ethics, Here’s What You Should Know if You Want to Buy One

You may have a greater probability of finding a dog that suits your lifestyle if you can discover a reliable breeder and find the proper puppy through them.

There are no certainties, but if you partner with a reputable breeder, you and your dog would be under a protected cover. Two healthy dogs with good temperaments are likely to produce a healthy lit.

Only purchase pugs from recognized breeders or, as per the tips given in this Pugs buying guide, or get guidance from several rescue organizations. Puppy farming is a serious issue; therefore, bring someone knowledgeable with you when you go. Unable to view puppies with their mothers, mixed litters and breeds, or any signs of disease are all red flags.

Prepare to wait – respectable breeders only have a few litters per year, and rescue organizations demand house inspections. They should pair you with a dog appropriate for your house and lifestyle, rather than allowing you to pick any dog you like.

Here’s Why You Must Adopt!

Although breeders can offer you purebred pugs, you might want to consider adoption. After all, the United States euthanizes an estimated 4 million cats and dogs each year because too many people abandon their pets. And sadly, not many are ready to adopt them and give them a new life.

Adopting a pet entails giving an animal a fresh lease on life. Pugs at shelters frequently come from abusive households or were abandoned on the street. Adopting a dog provides you with the opportunity to bring joy into their lives by trying to give them a second chance. This sensation of accomplishment is incredible!

Have You Heard of Puppy Mills?

For making a fortune out of little puppy lives, breeders set up “puppy mills”, which is the commercialization of animal life. After World War II, puppy mills became more common. The US Department of Agriculture began pushing purebred puppies as a fail-safe “cash” crop due to numerous crop failures in the Midwest.

Female breeding pugs suffer a considerable degree of physical and psychological damage due to being bred several times until they are no longer capable of reproducing in a year. Female dogs are tortured on ‘rape stands,’ where they are abused without rest time in between jitters and are even injected with artificial hormones that have long-term ill effects on them and the puppy. They are, however, abandoned once their work is completed…if they survive.

We Stand By Adopt, Don’t Shop! 

The first step toward change is to raise awareness regarding animal rescue and adoption. Giving others information about your adopted pugs‘ background and being an advocate yourself is a great approach to raise awareness and shine a light on the necessity of treating shelter animals with the respect and compassionate treatment they deserve.

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