Everything to Know About How to Set up a Gift Card in Shopify

by Sudarsan

A valuable complement to any business is a gift card. It provides the clients with more gift-giving choices and gives the company a cash flow during lean times. Shopify started by enabling the coupon feature on all store plans to support smaller firms during COVID-19. As a result, people can now create and market vouchers at no expense.

Putting gift cards on Shopify is simple, like most other platform aspects. If you want more details about Shopify gift cards and how to set up a gift card in Shopify, here is the information.

What is a Gift Card From Shopify?

Like the other gift cards, Shopify cards are pre-paid and can be used to purchase at a particular store. These might be physical or virtual vouchers.
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They can be used in exchange for cash within a predetermined time frame. Most vouchers for Shopify stores are made online and sent to the receiver using a unique code.

Thus, it is a unique item whose value can be applied to upcoming purchases made from an online store. Secondly, the coupons can be sold similar to other goods. For instance, businesses may also give it to a client as a reward or incentive. The client then obtains an email with a unique code they may use at checkout to redeem the value when they complete an order with a voucher. Therefore, it genuinely operates like a helpful product. However, the redeemer chooses which of the store’s products it will convert to.

Why Offer It in a Business?

They are a fantastic choice from the perspective of the consumer. They facilitate the purchase of presents for loved ones while letting the recipient select an item they genuinely enjoy.

Customers can help small companies by purchasing the cards during COVID-19 when many are battling to survive. By guaranteeing a future purchase, the customer gets to support the business directly, and the company receives the cash up front to help with the cash flow. Customers frequently spend more than a coupon’s worth when making purchases, which boosts cash flow at the register.

Additionally, users can create Shopify store gift cards with a set value that can be applied to promotions, giveaways, and customer loyalty schemes.

How to Make a Gift Card on Shopify?

In Shopify, creating and using it for the company’s benefit hardly takes effort. Here is how to set up a gift card in Shopify. It would be best if you browsed through the products section of the menu. Then, select the option of gift cards once inside the Shopify admin dashboard.

Following that, click the option for managing the gift cards and choose an existing product or add a new one. Now, enter the details for the coupon for a purchase. Title, summary, etc. Just click “Save” the item after completing all the details. And the gift card is ready to use.


More than 70% of customers who visit a store use mobile devices. However, turning a Shopify store into a mobile application is one of the most significant actions. There are various ways to improve mobile conversion rates.

Additionally, setting up a voucher is neither difficult nor expensive. Understanding every step and going through all the steps to set it up in Shopify will help quickly get one for any store and benefit hugely with it. One can create them and start selling online coupons to aid their business.

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