Everything To Know Before Going To A Pet Store For Buying A Cat

by Sudarsan

Most households find it adorable to buy a cat as that will add joy to their household. But buying cats just for fun is not going to work as along with the joy there will be many responsibilities.

There are many ways the owners have to be careful before buying cat food. A cat is a carnivore and when planning to raise a cat as a vegetarian people might have to rethink. Cats are very different from other pets when compared to their food habits.
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How much does it cost to own a cat?

Cats live for a period of 10 to 18 years and before buying a pet it is important to make sure that all the costs that are involved can be met by the family without making major sacrifices.

The major things that have to be taken into consideration when computing costs include

Monthly cat food and treats that cats love to eat

For feeding cats in a month, it requires up to $40 for cat food, and for treats, they might take $10 to $50 per month.

Pet supplies that are required for the upbringing of the pet

Litter bags, Toys, Grooming, and home grooming equipment are some of the pet supplies that are required in order to grow a cat. They all add up to $270 for these basic pet supplies.

Health care costs for the cats

For health care, the cats should be given routine examinations, basic labs, and vaccinations. For this, for a year it might need up to $400 but if the cat is diagnosed with additional diseases like diabetes or cancer, the monthly expenses will add up.

Additional costs if any

Depending on the trips or toys the cats get this cost varies. The cat food and treats will vary every month depending on the health of the cat. So, it is better to always put something extra in this section.

Tips for caring for a cat at a low cost

When a person is truly determined to go to the pet store in order to buy the cat even after knowing all the expenses involved, there are ways in which he can reduce the cost using some tips.

  • There are many DIY options for making cat toys and doing so can save so much money as cats want attention and toys in the long run.
  • There will be sales and coupons from which it will be easy to buy cat food and that will reduce the cost involved making it more affordable.
  • Cats need a good litter system. There are more natural and sustainable ways for giving a good litter system which will be very economical.


For reducing the cost more, it is beneficial to opt for home grooming instead of outside paid grooming. Cats usually get satisfied with simple things. All they need is food, shelter, and clean water. Playing with them and making sure all the necessities are available is enough for petting cats.

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