Everything You Need to Know About Chartering a Boat

by Sudarsan

There has been a real boom in yacht charters. More and more people are experiencing their travel adventures on the water. However, this can be a daunting experience for those of you who have not done it before. Chartering a yacht can be very expensive but it doesn’t always have to be. You can save money if you know what you are looking for such as a bareboat with 12knots. If you are looking for a little advice, then go no further. Here are just a few bits of information to get you started, 

Charter Brokers

A charter broker’s job is to try and match you with the right crew and yacht for your charter. They are often the lead on your trip and so they are useful to have around, especially if you have never chartered a yacht before. It is very important to pick someone that you feel comfortable with and have a good relationship with. If you know somebody who has chartered a yacht before then this is a good time to get a recommendation from them. Once you have one, you need to make sure that you communicate with them the specifics of your trip. Don’t be afraid to be explicit. This is your trip after all. 

How Much Will it Cost

For a week on a yacht that can sleep around 6 people, you should expect to pay around the $40,000 mark. However, this is not the final figure. You will still need to cover any specifics that you would like such as food and beverages and any fuel and dockage that you need. The initial fee only covers the boat and the crew as well as your insurance. The usual rule to follow is to add approximately a third of the cost of your charter on top of your price. This should cover any extras that you need. Also, remember that this is at the more expensive end. A small boat charter may be as low as $6,000. 

Where Should You Go? 

When you are picking a destination, you should bear in mind that if your destination takes a long time to get to then you are just eating up your time out there and spending lots of money while you do it. There are many classic routes out there that you can take. The Mediterranean and Caribbean are great if you are chasing the sun, or you could go for the cold and exotic by trying Antarctica. All the routes around here are well established. Your crew will feel at ease and your journey should be relatively problem free. For your first charter, this will be the easiest route to go. 

Chartering a Boat

This is a very exciting way to travel and can provide you with a great way to see the world. However, it is not the cheapest experience. Make sure to seek advice when chartering a yacht unless you are super experienced. This will help you have a great time worth all of the money you spend on it. 

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