Five Ways to Customize Your Yard Signs

by Sudarsan

A personalized yard sign is a perfect way to announce that you are having a party. The possibilities are endless with yard signs. There are a lot of things you can do with your yard signs to make them special. Here are five ways that will help you create personalized yard signs for any occasion.

Birthdays/Anniversaries/Homecomings/Big Debut

You can use the words on your sign to indicate the message you want to convey to your guests. For example, if you are celebrating an anniversary, you might want to put something like “Celebrating 40 years together.” If it is a birthday party, you can say something like “Happy Birthday (name)” or “It’s John’s birthday!”

Announce an Event

Leaving your yard sign up for days after the party is over might be a good idea. This way, people who come later can see what happened, and you don’t have to keep putting new signs out every time you have an event. For example, if you are doing a carwash fundraiser in your neighborhood, you might no longer need to keep putting signs out after the initial date of the event.


If you are having a party for your son or daughter’s big game that they were in, you could say something like “Let’s go (son’s name)!” or “Go Tigers!” or something to show your support for them.

Announce a New Place

You could have a new house, and you can use the yard sign to tell people about it. The possibilities are endless with custom yard signs. It is a good idea to include a phone number on the sign so we can contact you. You can say something like “Come and see our new house!”, or just inform people that you have moved recently.

Announce a New Business

You could use your yard signs to let people know about your business if it is new. It’s perfectly legal to do this; custom yard signs are an inexpensive way to advertise. People will see the signs when they come over to your house, and they might think about doing business with you in the future. 

Custom yard signs are a quick and easy way to inform people about what is going on at your house. You can customize:

Graphics: You will use helpful tools that will provide all the information that you need for creating your own custom designs. There are thousands of designs and clip art images available to choose graphics that you like. 

Colors: There are several color combinations you can choose from for your yard signs. You will be able to view different designs on-screen, so you can determine which colors work best together.

Text: The text that you need for your personalized yard signs will also be available to choose from, including font styles and sizes. This is all about making your yard signs the best they can be by giving you complete control over all the design elements.

Create Your Own Yard Signs Today!

Many families create their own yard signs for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and even homecomings. It is very important that your custom yard sign reflects who you are as a family or person. 

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