How Parties Will Look Like After the Pandemic

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

As the number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus continues to climb, it’s worth hoping and wishing that this year’s celebrations will be different. In a way, they are. Some states are already allowing bigger parties in bigger venues. We can already watch sports games in the arena. You can opt not to wear a mask, especially if you’re already vaccinated.
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After more than a year of Zoom meetings, drive-by parties, and socially distant events, things have finally looked up.

But even though some restrictions are ending, experts said the pandemic has long-lasting effects on the way we celebrate milestones. The way that people will celebrate will also depend on how impacted they are by the virus. Did they lose someone to it? Did they survive it? Are they in a mountain of debt because of it? Those who didn’t feel the impact will return to pre-pandemic celebrations sooner, while those who were heavily impacted will change the way they celebrate the events in their lives.

Outdoor Gatherings Are Still the Trend

Truth to say, outdoor parties may no longer be a trend but part of the tradition. Homeowners have been upgrading their patios and backyards because of the small, intimate outdoor gathering they’ve been hosting over the past year. This will continue in a post-pandemic society. In fact, people are more excited about what they can create outdoors. Tents, weatherproofed tables and chairs, and string lights are not going anywhere soon.

Buffet Line Will Be Different

The buffet line, obviously, will be different. People now understand how aerosols spread. Talking over the buffet table while guests get their food is a recipe for disaster. Instead of a buffet table, parties will have “stations” where they can get desserts, drinks, canapes, meats, and many more. They can have the server create a custom creation. The point is that there should be a specific person who will manage the food.

Another idea is to pack the food already individually.
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For cupcakes, you can use tiny clear acrylic boxes so that they look aesthetic. For savory dishes, bento boxes are also a thing.

Blowing the Candles Will Be a No-no

Like the buffet table, people have to forego the need to blow the candle on a cake. To be honest, it has always been a little bit gross to eat the icing of a cake where someone blew aerosolized saliva on it just seconds earlier. Kids will unluckily be the victim of this new “protocol.” Maybe parents can buy a separate, smaller cake for their kids where they can put the candle. The nicer cake is the one to get passed around.

Home Parties Will Still Be a Thing

The number of parties organized and hosted at home rose by 25% even before the pandemic. There is already quite an interest in opening one’s homes for party guests.
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In a survey, around 79% of respondents say that if they attend a party after the pandemic, it will be in someone’s home because it will have fewer guests. Smaller events will be the most popular kind of party in the future because guests will feel safer spending time with people that they are familiar with.

Bigger Parties Will Be a Thing, Too

But some can’t wait for the restrictions to be over, so they can hold bigger and better events. Some event planners said that they are getting booked for parties as large as 250 to 500 guests. People are excited with the prospect of bigger parties once more because they were taken away from them when they least expected it. Although more intimate celebrations are still the most preferred, venues for bigger parties will be in demand, too.

Busier Social Calendar in 2022

A lot of people put off big celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations. So, when the time comes, expect a busy social calendar. These events will fill up your calendar because people have been waiting for more than a year to celebrate these milestones. Many couples didn’t want to wear a mask when they got married, so they put off their plans for more than a year. So expect a deluge of invitations from your friends.

These are different times. They’re so different that it felt like the whole world had to stop for a year. Now that countries are reopening once more and restrictions are being lifted, it’s time to celebrate the simple thought of being alive and well. Do you really need an excuse to celebrate? You standing there right now is reason enough to be merry once more with your loved ones.

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