How To Use Technology To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

by Sudarsan

Technology has changed the face of every business today, including the network marketing business. Many time-consuming and tedious work processes have been automated. Network marketers are making use of the latest technologies to expand their horizons and take their business to new levels.

It’s high time businesses start adapting to the digital transformation. Here we will take a look at how to use technology to grow your network marketing business.


Network marketing business models used to rely on sending products to sellers, who subsequently sold them to buyers. Naturally, sellers needed a place to keep these goods, and as a result, many sellers ended up with garages full of unsold merchandise collecting dust.

However, with much of the network marketing business now taking place online, this is no longer the case. Buyers can place orders online, eliminating the need for merchants to store their products on-site, if companies set up their sellers with their e-commerce websites.

This allows a wider range of sellers to participate in network marketing, including individuals with little storage space, rather than just those who live in spacious suburban homes and have access to warehousing facilities.


Before the dawn of technology, sellers were forced to work around other people’s schedules: after all, it’s difficult to persuade prospects to meet before breakfast or at odd hours.

When it comes to buying and selling on the internet, however, sellers have unprecedented flexibility. Because people value their time more than anything today, mlm companies must be totally digital. People getting into the network marketing business also want to work at their own hours and be their own boss.

Because of this flexibility, people who don’t want to commit to MLM full-time can utilize it as a supplement to their 9–5. While those that do want to devote themselves full-time to their network marketing pursuits can do so on their own time. 

The option of making your own hours has always been a major reason to attract people to the MLM business, but the latest technologies have taken this to a whole new level.

Skill development

Network marketing companies used to encourage their sellers to attend costly in-person courses or simply deliver a load of products to their houses and leave them to their own resources.

MLM businesses can now take advantage of technologies like webinars and live broadcasts to provide sellers with free or low-cost skill-building resources that they can access from anywhere.

Providing sellers with training and workshops about the network marketing business allows them to develop the entrepreneurial skills that are important in today’s changing landscape. Doing so will make them better sellers, which is beneficial both for the sellers themselves and for the company at large. Technology today has evolved to the point where anyone can run their businesses from the palms of their hands.

New markets

The world of MLM benefits from technology in many ways, the most evident of which is its practically limitless geographical spread. When you are limited to your town or neighborhood, there’s only so much you can sell, but when you take your business online, the opportunity for sellers to expand their customer base expands enormously.

Network marketing has become a truly global business today with the increasing influence of technology. MLM distributor networks are spread across multiple countries and continents. The whole world is one single market today for multi-level marketers.

This has also encouraged MLM companies to diversify their range of products. There could be products that have an appeal in certain regions only. Having a wide variety of products can help network marketing companies successfully expand their customer base across different regions.


One of the reasons the direct selling sector has grown by about 30% in the last five years is because of the better use of the latest technologies. MLM has progressed well beyond neighborhood get-togethers and persuading friends and family members of a lucrative new business opportunity.

MLM provides sellers with more tools than ever before to put their businesses on the road to success in the digital age. Finally, from the standpoint of the business owner, the seller’s success signifies the company’s success.
Multi-level marketing will only grow more practical than ever for both sellers and business owners as technology advances, providing sellers with more options and freedom.

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