Men’s Business Wear: 7 Style Tips For Your Next Meeting

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Fashion and style aren’t concepts that apply exclusively to women. A man who cares about the way he presents himself is usually a man of success, and people recognise this in all facets of life – friendship, romance and business.

Dressing well for work is something we should all learn how to do since it can play a huge role in our overall success in networking, meetings etc. Someone well-dressed will catch more attention and even earn more respect from others since it shows respect, attention to detail and simply the fact that you care.

If you’re looking to land a new job, or have a huge meeting coming up, here are a few style tips to help you prepare.


Of course, when you think of accessorising your mind might go straight to women’s jewellery, earrings, high heels and a stylish purse. However, men can and should accessorise too.
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This doesn’t mean you should wear an earring or a gold chain to a business meeting – quite the opposite actually.

But a few simple accessories such as a nice watch or stylish mens glasses (if you wear a prescription) can show that you care about the way you look and make an effort with your appearance. In winter, you might wear a nice scarf, and remember that even your belt should look good.
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It may feel like these things don’t matter in business, but trust us, they do.

Fancy Footwear

If you believe that nobody is looking at your feet, you’re probably wrong in most circumstances. Wearing cheap, old shoes that are dirty or unprofessional isn’t a good look. You’ll want to avoid wearing sneakers or working boots in a professional environment – even smart casual events should be attended in a good pair of dress shoes.

Make sure that you own at least two good pairs of business casual shoes that you can alternate between, depending on the outfit and event. A black pair and a brown pair are usually the best to invest in first.

Keep it Classy

When styling an outfit for work, a meeting, an interview or an event, try to keep things classy at all times. This means you should avoid bright colours and bold patterns as far as possible. A splash of colour in your tie or blazer is fine, but be sure to ensure it’s a mature look and not attention-seeking.

You’ll want to wear tight-fitting jeans, chinos or pressed slacks, along with a collared shirt and a blazer or stylish sweater over it. In warmer months where a blazer is too hot, stick with a long-sleeved shirt but cuff it at the elbows. T-shirts and polo shirts are a no-go for professional contexts.

Don’t Overdo it

When styling an outfit for any particular day, remember to keep the context in mind. It’s a style sin to show up underdressed to a meeting, but you don’t want to overdo it either. In other words, if the dress code is smart casual, don’t show up in a three-piece suit, flaunting a Gucci briefcase and sunglasses.

Keep things smart and simple no matter where you’re going and you’ll never need to feel over or underdressed.

Make Sure it Fits

If your clothing fits properly, it will make you lookin shape and well-groomed. Loose clothing or clothes that fit too tightly are a bad look – you might come across as a slob in baggy clothes and if your buttons are popping open, you’ll probably feel embarrassed.

When buying clothes for work, be sure to invest in pieces that fit you well. Try things on before buying them and remember that you can also have items tailored if they aren’t the perfect fit for your body type.

Purchase Quality Items

Buying high-quality clothes might feel impossible on a budget, but this isn’t true. Slowly but surely investing in higher quality pieces that will last you years might take longer, and you won’t be able to buy an entire new wardrobe in one shopping trip, but it’s better to wait in this case.

High-quality clothing will look better, fit better, last longer and show that you’re a man who can take care f himself and his finances too – the type of respect we all want in business and life.

Simplicity is Sophisticated

Finally, as you can tell, keeping things simple is really the best way to go for men’s style. Dress with class, put some thought into it, avoid loud and obnoxious colours and patterns, wear high-quality items, and you should be good to go.

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