Property for Sale in Bulgaria: Is It Worthy to Buy?

by Sudarsan

The main associations with Bulgaria include the warm sea, amazingly beautiful mountain landscapes, European service, and, most importantly, relatively low prices, including housing. All these factors have made this country quite attractive for those who want to buy an apartment or studio in warmer climes.

Before choosing a property for sale in bulgaria, you should carefully study the advantages of such an acquisition, as well as find out how to complete the deal. Such a responsible approach will help you avoid disappointment and fully enjoy your future purchase.

Advantages Of Buying Property in Bulgaria

  1. Affordable pricing policy. The cost per square meter, even in the most prestigious areas of the Balkan state, is much lower than the cost of similar real estate in Italy, Spain, and Greece. Food, public transport, and entertainment costs are also acceptable.
  2. Developed infrastructure of resort centers. Large funds are directed to the repair of old and construction of new roads, improvement of entertainment and shopping centers, beaches.
  3. Variety of resorts. Buying property in Bulgaria, you get the opportunity to relax all year round. For example, in summer you can swim in the gentle warm sea, go skiing from snow-covered mountain slopes in winter, and in the off-season improve your health at balneological resorts and try healing mineral water.

How To Buy Property?

As a rule, buying the property in Bulgaria is quite simple:

  • contact a home sales company;
  • conduct a preliminary selection;
  • visit Bulgaria to view selected options;
  • leave a deposit for the chosen accommodation;
  • prepare documents with a lawyer;
  • visit a regional notary to register the property;
  • pay the tax.

That’s all! After that, you can wait for the right season to visit Bulgaria and stay in your own apartment and not waste time looking for temporary apartments.

Is It Legal?

According to Bulgarian law, a foreign citizen doesn`t have the right to acquire ownership of a land plot — and this is the main reason why many people refuse to buy property in this country. Interestingly, this restriction doesn`t apply to apartments, standard flats, or studios in new buildings. Thus, you can get first-class housing near the sea or mountains, even without being a resident of Bulgaria. 

If you want to buy a house or a villa, then the purchase will not be so simple: in fact, you will only buy a building, and you will rent the land from the state. Although these are only small nuances compared to the benefits of a warm climate, high-quality infrastructure, and proximity to the sea and mountains!

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