Three advantages of the newly built housing in Spain

by Sudarsan

How to buy real estate in Spain profitably – so that the investment generates income both when renting out and after a further resell? If you are not sure how to choose the “right” one – pay attention to new buildings. Spain-Real.Estate website holds a huge base of property brokers in Spain who can help you find newly built housing in any part of the country. In this article, we will consider several advantages that make newly built apartments in houses stand out.

Comfort of a real estate

Thanks to the use of the new technologies in the construction the apartments seem to be cozier and more comfortable. A carefully thought-out and well-calculated layout avoids wasting space. The apartment is more functional and more economical. The use of modern building materials ensures maximum sound and heat insulation. And the technical equipment of the new apartment will be more efficient, maintaining a comfortable temperature in any weather. Modern requirements include fire and earthquake resistance. Energy regulations have also been changed in Spain since 2012.

Taking care of the safety and security of housing has also become a good tradition. Such things as:

  • fire detectors, 
  • sophisticated locks, 
  • videophones – are almost a standard now.

Cost of the property

Many people who want to buy property in Spain believe that the price of previously owned housing is lower and that is why they prefer this type of property. However, it is not. Having bought real estate at the zero stage of construction, the buyer will save up to 20% due to the subsequent constant increase in the price of the apartment and the arrangement of the area.

When concluding a contract for the purchase of apartments in a new building in Spain, the buyer saves a lot on notary fees. The cost of purchasing from a developer when registering the purchase of a new home is about 30% lower. Even though you have to pay taxes and duties. The administrative expenses are also reduced.

In Spain, utility and maintenance costs for new apartments are much lower thanks to the use of new materials for construction and decoration:

  1. Increased thermal insulation reduces heat loss. 
  2. Electricity consumption is minimized by using modern economical water heaters and air conditioners that can work both for cooling and heating. 
  3. There is no service charge for the entire building, such as staircases or facades.

Warranty of the developer

In Spain, a developer’s guarantee is established for new buildings, which begins to operate at the time of acceptance of the housing from the contractor who produces the construction.

The legal liability guarantee provided to the buyer implies 3 levels:

  • within 1 year, the contractor in Spain undertakes to eliminate defects and malfunctions that are not related to the operation of the home;
  • two years are provided for the elimination of malfunctions of any equipment installed in the apartment and subject to repair;
  • there is a ten-year builders’ warranty on the reliability of the structure.

Real Estate in Spain

A profitable investment in a new building in Spain will allow you to find a comfortable home. At the same time, it can be used as a means to earn money on renting it out, and over the years will allow you to increase your capital. These investments will not be affected by economic crises or market turmoil. Apartments in a new building will not only not depreciate, but there is a high chance that their value will rise. Check out Spain-Real.Estate website for the housing options in the region of your choice and invest in your future.

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