Valuable tips for flyer distribution in the UK

by Sudarsan

Leaflets are an effective advertising method, even in this digital age where photos and video mark consumers’ brains. Leaflets or flyers are appealing because they are available in different sizes, styles and shapes. You can tailor the message to suit the target audience’s needs. From being excellent conversation starters to allowing artists to express their creativity, leaflets offer plenty of benefits and leave a lasting impression. 

According to a recent survey conducted among UK shoppers, people responded to flyer advertisements. However, it would be best to get a few things in place to get the best results from flyer distribution UK. Without the right strategy, appearance, timing, and location, you cannot expect the viewers to read your flyers. 

Here are some tips on turning the distribution of flyers in the UK effective.

Select the right size

How many times have you discarded a flyer immediately because of its size? An oversized flyer that does not fit regular-sized purses and wallets usually gets discarded soon. They add to the luggage that nobody wants to carry around. 

The standard size for flyers in the UK is A5 and measures 148×210 millimetres. This standard size provides enough space to advertise your message and can be carried comfortably. 

An A6 paper that measures 105×148 millimetres is also an ideal size. It can easily fit into envelopes and is used for direct mail marketing. They are also helpful for distribution at events, fairs, business conferences and places with high traffic. 

Use direct mail marketing

Using direct mail marketing is an effective way of reaching your audience. According to research, almost 79% of customers in the UK react to mailed flyers positively, while 32% always read them. If flyers include money-off coupons, 33% of customers store them for future use. While using this kind of marketing, try to make the cover as appealing as possible. You could also include a call to action in large letters to catch the reader’s attention.

Know your target audience

Without knowing your target audience, you will have a higher drop rate. A drop rate is the number of times people discard your leaflet soon after receiving it. One way of knowing is by researching which audience will understand the message the most. Research to learn which population segment will find your product most appealing. So, when you advertise a service, try to understand which age group will benefit the most.

Distribute flyers in the streets

There are three main ways of distributing pamphlets: 

  1. Door to door
  2. Hand to hand
  3. Direct mail

Although all three techniques are result-oriented, you have to use the hand-to-hand method for a personalized touch. It becomes even more effective if you know your target audience is in the same city or town. You can even add a greeting or two before handing them a leaflet. It is also interesting to know that Great Britain has about 7,000 high streets, and around 16% of the population lives nearby. There are approximately 400 high streets in Scotland, with the longest one being in Dumbarton Road in Glasgow. A high street is the central part of a town and always bustles with activity. You can be sure of attracting an impressive number of potential customers by distributing leaflets on these high streets. 

Make the flyers attractive 

Even though it seems obvious, flyers need to be eye-catching with bold designs, fonts and colors. Your flyer should create a strong impression at first glance. Monotonous lines or cliches will not arouse people’s interest. Also, you should use the right colours. A few colours that will enhance the visual appeal are red, black, gold, orange, white, green, purple and blue. Try to go with a single shade that makes the content easy to read.

Using these tips for your flyer distribution in the UK will help you get the optimum results. Advertising your business or service with leaflets is both cost-effective and result-oriented if you know how to use it in the best way. 

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