Want to Be a Freelancer? Avoid These Traps When Starting

by Sudarsan

In a phenomenon that’s been named the ‘Great Resignation’, around 65% of Americans say they are currently looking for a new job.

Many of these people state the reason main for this re-think as bad bosses and toxic company culture. From micromanagement to outright discrimination, lousy management can turn a job from enjoyable to unbearable within moments. 

But, what if we told you that you could work whenever and wherever you want? Can you see yourself tapping away at your computer at a hotel bar with a Pina Colada in hand? If so, you need to learn about what it takes to be a freelancer.

It’s time to embrace the ultimate freedom to live the life you want with flexible, freelance work. However, there are some common freelancing traps you need to avoid at all costs. Read on to find out what not to do while starting as a freelancer.  

Offering Too Many Services

Many new freelancers consider themselves a “Jack of all trades.” This is a big mistake. You should specialize and put all your effort into your best skills. 

Trust that enough people are looking for your service and put all your effort into becoming a well-known expert within that niche. 

Not Investing In Yourself

Up-skill, up-skill, up-skill. The learning never stops when you’re a freelancer. The better you are, the more money you’ll make. 

Identify your knowledge gaps and invest in training and learning to improve your skillset. A small budget is no excuse; you can buy cheap books, watch YouTube tutorials, and use free online courses. 

Ineffective Marketing 

The main challenge freelancers face is usually finding clients; you need to be a marketing expert to succeed. Upskill yourself and prioritize both online and offline marketing. 

Online marketing ideas and skills: 

  • Learn SEO (this is non-negotiable) 
  • Revamp your website 
  • Build your social media following 
  • Run online promotions and giveaways 
  • Use paid advertising services 

Offline marketing is only appropriate for localized businesses. Offline marketing ideas and skills: 

  • Use billboards 
  • Produce and distribute flyers 
  • Run sale events 
  • Offer word-of-mouth referral bonuses 
  • Always have a business card handy 

Working Inefficiently 

Don’t fall into the trap of working slowly for ten hours a day. Set yourself goals and working hours. You are working for yourself and, therefore, your own boss – so don’t be reckless with your time. 

Calculate when the best working hours are for you, and schedule around this. For example, a night-owl working in tech or web design could work through the evening. Whereas customer service freelancers need to adapt their schedule for when other people are likely to need assistance. 

The more efficiently you work, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your life!

You’ve Got What It Takes to Be a Freelancer

Unfortunately, being contracted to 40 hours a week (not a minute less, yet often an hour more) and having to ask permission to take a holiday is a reality for most people.

You deserve better than that! 

Take the plunge and set up your freelancing business today, and you won’t regret it. Now you know what traps to look out for, you’re in an excellent position to learn to be a freelancer. 

If you found this helpful, keep up to date with more freelancing tips and finance advice by checking out the rest of our site. 

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