Why is SMS Automation Important for Your Business?

by Sudarsan

Do you know that over six billion SMS are sent daily? What is your firm doing to leverage this trend to its advantage?

With over 7.5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, incorporating automated text messages or SMS marketing in your business operations is no longer an option but an absolute must.

Here are the reasons why automated text messaging works:

1. Offers Convenience

Yes, text messaging helps eliminate the inconveniences that appear between you and your customers. Let’s face it; phone calls can become overwhelming, whether from your end or the customer. Calls tend to come in at the most inconvenient of times.

A text message prevents your business from being rejected or having to leave a message after a beep. It allows you to reach your customers with an important message in a way that’s convenient and non-intrusive.

2. Streamlines Communication Management

Today, businesses are making use of many communication lines to get their message out and receive feedback from the public they serve. In most cases, this requires the use of more than one phone number.

The demands of dealing with this situation can add up pretty quickly. However, a texting service can help you deal with this challenge. Doing so guarantees communication between you and your customers, which enhances your business voice. It also ensures coherence in your communication strategy.

3. Texting is Versatile

Almost every person in the world use text messaging; businesses are no exception. From customer support, marketing and sales, you can use text messages to get better results.

Businesses use SMS for various reasons; communicating a sales promotion, providing information, reaching prospects, generating leads, sending appointment reminders, and providing customer support.

In simple terms, SMS is an active channel of communication that gives you complete flexibility when sending important messages for whatever your business purpose and objectives are.
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Studies show that the opening rate for SMS is 98 percent as compared to 20 percent on all emails. On average, it takes 90 seconds for a person to respond to a text message and 90 minutes to respond to an email. All this ensures you get timely feedback for your message.
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4. Managing Risks

Yes, using automated text messages helps prevent organizations’ exposure to risks like managing technology faults, stock level thresholds, and exposure of sensitive data.

An SMS automation software provides a system-generated message and can monitor business applications and send SMS alerts when emergencies or specific business rules are breached.

Taking security a step further, automated SMS can also be used to enhance security protocols like handling a two-factor authorization for remote access.


Automating SMS guarantees the relevance, timing, performance, and personalization of communications helping to reduce costs, reduce risk and improve marketing. Even better, you can integrate the SMS automation software within the existing businesses systems like ERP, CRM, or marketing software, which enables you to create and distribute personalized messages to employees, suppliers, prospects, and existing clients at the moment when communication is required. In addition, automation also helps to reduce over-reliance on manual input, which can be error-prone and time-consuming.

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