Window Decals – Answers To Popular Questions

by Sudarsan

One of the types of inexpensive outdoor advertising is decals, which are attached to the windows of shops, cafes, shop windows, and are also used for window decoration not only for business purposes. Many who are interested in window decals Vancouver ask a lot of questions. Here are the answers to the most popular ones.

What it is?

These are vinyl products. Various images and text are applied to it by printing. The purposes of the application are very different. Window graphics can be ordered for advertising purposes. An example is a sticker on a shop window with a message about a discount. You can order a product for window decoration. It will help make changes to the interior. Window graphics are used for decorative purposes for both commercial and domestic purposes.

How often do business owners use window graphics and why?

Vinyl window decals are often ordered by business owners. Small companies prefer to decorate shop windows and free space on the windows with them. They are very popular due to their low price, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes. Compared to regular paint, the decals that are attached to the glass are easy to remove. Companies often choose this kind of outdoor advertising for branding their places of business. In addition, these products are ordered for the purpose of posting information about the operating hours or providing contact information for communication.

How are window graphics attached?

Attaching window graphics is easy. It has an adhesive backing. First, the glass is cleaned of dirt, dust is removed from the surface for fastening. Degreasing agents for cleaning windows are often used for this purpose. Then the protective layer is removed from the sticker. The vinyl product is gently applied to the surface. Gradual movements are performed, which press the sticker against the glass. This also needs to be done as carefully as possible to exclude the appearance of bubbles and wrinkles. To ensure a high-quality result, it is better to use the help of a specialist. Although, if you wish, you can mount the window graphics yourself.

How long does a windowed graphic serve its purpose of use?

Products made from high-quality vinyl, using appropriate inks and modern printing equipment, can last for several years. The term of use depends on the level of humidity in the surrounding air. However, in practical terms, especially when it comes to vinyl window stickers for business, window graphics are replaced with new ones faster than they can lose their original properties. Periodic renewal is important for any business. Therefore, often one window graphic is replaced with a new one. But since the price of such products is low, the replacement of vinyl advertising products is not a reason for high spending. Even a small business can afford such expenses.

How to remove window graphics?

Window graphics are removed with a thermal effect on it. When heated, self-adhesive vinyl easily comes off the glass surface. No glue traces remain. Even if there are traces left, it is easy to remove them with ordinary water and glass detergent. If you have doubts that independent actions to remove vinyl products will not bring the desired result, it is better to contact specialists who can carefully remove the stickers from the glass.

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