4 Reasons To Get the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

by Sudarsan

If you run one of the 31 million-plus small businesses in the United States, it’s hyper-important to make sure that you operate in a way that’s up to date. Efficiency isn’t just about cutting costs, it’s about coming out on top against the other businesses in the industry — your competitors. 

If you want to make your business more efficient, you’re striving for a lean business — one that cuts out all the excess fat. A lean business is able to work faster, and therefore make more money. 

To run as a lean business, you’re going to want to get a six sigma green belt certification. 

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the six sigma green belt and creating a lean six sigma business. 

1. You’ll Gain Hands-On Experience

The lean-six program is based on the martial arts system of handing out belts. This is because one needs hands-on experience saving money in order to truly implement the tactics in the best way. 

While it’s nice to learn the theory of something, nothing can compare to the empirical experience of actually getting training. The six sigma green belt program is different from other business programs because it forces you to learn on the fly. 

2. You’ll Get a Certificate 

. . . but you won’t just be left with knowledge at the end of your training. 

Similar to the way that Martial Artists receive actual belts, you will receive a certificate for your training. You’ll be able to show this to potential new employees, attracting those who know their stuff. High-quality employees look for high-quality employees, and once they see your certificate, they’ll know you’re the real deal. 

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3. You’ll Get Standardized

One of the best ways to speed up the efficiency of your business is to start setting standards. When you get standardized, you’re able to treat problems systematically, relying on old solutions to solve problems faster. 

By becoming a six sigma green belt, you gain a wealth of experiences and learn how to handle problems quickly. 

4. You’ll Improve Your Company Culture 

Company culture is the talk of the 21st century. Whereas employees were only valued for their productivity in centuries passed, the industry leaders of today know that satisfied employees are more productive

The six sigma green belt certification doesn’t just focus on pure business, it gives you tips on creating a more efficient and therefore more satisfying company culture. 

Earn Your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification 

As you can see, earning your six sigma green belt certification can only lead to small business success. You won’t just acquire intellectual information, you’ll gain hands-on experience, get a certificate to prove your worth, develop standardized experiences, and improve company your company culture, so your employees love to come to work.

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