Arizona Truck Accident Statistics

by Sudarsan

Fatal truck accidents are rampant in the US every year, including in Arizona State. For example, the country experiences about 500,000 truck accidents every year. And these accidents have a severe impact on the victims.
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Several families have lost their loved ones in truck accidents and are looking for Peoria truck accident attorney services.

This blog post will discuss a few reasons on how to avoid truck accidents.

Avoid Distracted Driving– Distracted driving is one of the main causes of truck accidents every year. Truck drivers are prone to distraction because they have more stuff on their hands compared with other motorists. Thus, stay away from distractions while driving and avoid using your mobile devices behind the wheel, especially if you’re a truck driver.

Look for Safer Roads– You can also reduce your risk of getting into a truck accident by choosing safer roads to travel. Try to avoid highways and opt for smaller roads instead.
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Also, be aware of the weather conditions before hitting the road. If it’s raining or snowing, take extra caution while driving.

Get Proper Training– Ensure that you receive proper training before becoming a truck driver. You should also be aware of all the federal laws and regulations. Now that you know the top reasons why truck accidents happen, it’s time to share your thoughts about this subject in the comment section below!

Inspect Your Truck Regularly-Inspecting your truck for potential problems that can help you avoid accidents or identify those likely to happen. Look over your brakes, lights and other safety features like the windshield wipers before taking a trip. If necessary, make repairs as soon as possible

Improve Your Driving Skills-As a professional driver. You must understand the skills involved in safe driving. Taking a defensive driving course is a great way to improve your knowledge about safe driving and keep you updated on the latest rules of the road

Stay Alert-Being tired or distracted while behind the wheel can have dangerous consequences for truck drivers, so be sure to get plenty of rest before taking long trips. A good idea would be to take some short breaks during your trip and get out of the truck to stretch your legs and clear your head

Take a Truck Driving Class-Taking a commercial driver’s license class can benefit both new drivers and those looking for employment. This course will give you more insight into what is expected of professional truckers, how they operate and what risks they face.

Don’t Drive while Drunk-Drunk driving is never a good idea, but it’s especially dangerous for truck drivers. Not only are you putting your own life at risk, but also the lives of others on the road.
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If you plan on drinking, be sure to have a designated driver who will operate the truck safely home

Be Familiar with Your Truck-Knowing how your truck handles in different conditions is key to avoiding accidents. Familiarize yourself with the turning radius, braking distance and other features of your truck before taking it out on the road.

Stay Focused while Driving-Truck drivers are often under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, but it’s important to stay focused while behind the wheel.

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