Top 5 Tips for Renting a Party Bus

by Sudarsan

Any occasion, including concerts, anniversaries, and birthdays is perfect for renting the best party bus. A party bus’s greatest perk is to keep the group together in one car.

If there will be drinking involved, a party bus should allow everyone to eliminate and partake in the temptation of driving while drunk.

Plus, a party bus is just plain fun. Party bus activities, refreshments, and music keep the fun night lively. In order to get worth of your money and keep everyone safe, you will have to choose the right party bus Bay Area with the help of the following tips:

1. Know the Number of People to Host

You may want to ensure that the car you choose has enough room for the entire group. You can’t possibly fit 60 people into a 30-person bus, and even if you are able to, it won’t be safe.

In addition, you don’t want to rent a car, which is too big for the whole group. This won’t just be a waste of cash. It will also not be fun to have few friends in a spacious party bus.

2. Plan the Final Destination

This might seem obvious as you rent a party bus so as to get somewhere. However, many bus rentals usually have multiple stops at night.

If you are going for dinner before heading to a concert, you will have to let the driver know. The same applies if you need to hit a local pub for late games.

3. Have a Contract

Ask a party bus rental firm to give you a contract with expected fees clearly listed. After you get a contract, ensure you go through it carefully and agree with the terms before you sign it. Keep a copy of the contract for future reference.

You don’t want you and your guests to discover that there are hidden fees, which you have to settle after hiring a party bus. Requesting a quote in advance will help you know what you should expect. This also helps avoid a nasty surprise, which can end up destroying the fun.

4. Consider Going Local

Every time you want to hire a party bus, always ensure you come up with a list of local rental companies. This can be a great idea since the pricing depends on travel time and mileage.

So having local vendors can ascertain that there are unnecessary charges and miles even before you board the car. 

Local companies also have more affordable insurance and lower operating costs. And this is because they are located in a centralized area, making the whole experience affordable.

5. Book in Advance

One of the important things to take care of to avoid any form of inconvenience is to hire a party bus ahead of time. That is because party buses can be fully booked.

Mostly, you may expect party buses to get booked during a prom night. In order to avoid inconvenience, you might want to book one in advance.

Final Touches!

As far as planning an event is concerned, a perfect way to take the party to another level is to rent a good party bus. Whether it is a wine tour, a wedding, or a bachelor party, ensure you book it in advance and determine the number of people coming to the event.

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