The Ultimate Guide to Buying Motorcycle Gloves

by Sudarsan

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Not only because they´re fast and unforgiving, but also because you’re easy to be overseen when riding a motorcycle. Some motorcycle accidents end in a catastrophe, others thankfully only lead to mild injuries or – optimally – only to damage on the bodywork. Motorcycle safety gear is a major cornerstone when it comes to avoiding severe injuries.

That’s why you should never ride without wearing a motorcycle helmet, sturdy motorcycle boots and, above all, good motorcycle gloves. But why are gloves so important? And how do you choose the perfect ones?

Why Motorcycle Gloves Are Important

Your hands are precious. But they’re also a part of your body that most certainly gets injured in any kind of crash. Abrasions and contusions are only the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately. It is not uncommon for motorcyclists to experience serious injuries such as complex fractures or even the amputation of limbs like fingers – even in comparatively harmless accidents due to the high speed.

If you´ve never suffered from injuries like a broken wrist or a fractured arm that reduced your mobility, you may not even be aware how often a day you use your hands and fingers. It´s not enough to ride carefully in order to avoid accidents. If worse comes to worst, you must be protected – your hands being the first parts to cover.

But there is another reason for the importance of motorcycle gloves: They improve your riding experience. That’s because they heighten the grip between your hands and the handlebar. That lowers the risk of losing control of your bike while riding. At the same time, the gloves protect your precious hands from blisters or spasms.

Experienced motorcyclists don’t question the importance of wearing motorcycle gloves, but it’s actually not easy to find good ones. Even though the offer might be big, it can be a challenge to find a pair that fits you and your style of riding perfectly. Find out what you should pay attention to when buying new motorcycle gloves.

What to Look for in Good Motorcycle Gloves

When about to purchase new gloves, there are various things you should consider. Do make sure to check the following criteria before making your purchasing decision.

Price and Budget

To you, your personal budget might be an important criterion. There are good motorcycle gloves for starters out there, but a strikingly low price could be an indicator for a lack of quality. Yet, a high price doesn´t automatically mean that you´re buying high quality. It’s smart to set you budget and to use the following criteria in order to find the best motorcycle gloves that match your price span.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

There are different types of gloves for different riding styles and weather conditions. It´s crucial to choose the right type of glove in order to protect yourself as effectively as possible. There are:

·         Fingerless gloves that give your fingers all the freedom, but don’t offer a lot of protection

·         Dirt gloves for off-road disciplines (gear for motocross)

·         Short-cuff gloves for everyday riding (summer gloves and winter gloves)

·         Gauntlet gloves for a high level of protection (summer gloves, winter gloves, touring gloves)

·         Race gloves for high-exposure riding


Depending on your preferences and the weather conditions you plan on riding in, there are different materials. Mesh is mostly used for summer gloves, while winter gloves, as well as racing gloves and dirt gloves, often come in leather. The material of the gloves can influence your hands´ mobility, the warmth, and also the level of protection they offer.

Ask yourself…

In order to make a perfect choice, make sure to answer yourself questions like: What type of motorcycling do I do? How many hours will I be spending on my motorbike per ride? Do I mainly ride in cold or in warm weather? Do I ride aggressively or do I cruise? Will I ride off-road or on the road?

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