4 Strategies to Market Your Business

by Sudarsan

60% of people start businesses because they are brilliant, capable, and competent in that part. They are familiar with their industry very well and are able to offer what their clients need. The second part of starting a new business is where things start getting very tricky.

How can you get offers in front of the right audience? Or how can you market your business?

There are several ways to promote or market your business. Some of the strategies you can use include the following:

1. Use Media Relations

Media relations, also called PR, refers to getting articles about your business on online websites and publications. You have probably won new contracts, appointed new individuals, achieved record results, or launched new services/products.

Your target audience will always find and see you if your business appears in the right place. If you are running an engineering venture, you can benefit a lot from being seen in trade publications. But if you want to raise your café’s awareness, local magazines and newspapers will do.

2. Distribute Flyers

The world is in an advanced digital era where more businesses invest in online advertising. But as much as online marketing comes in handy, you can’t possibly ignore the effectiveness and benefits of classic offline marketing mediums.

Flyers are some of the effective classic mediums you can use to market your business. Printing brochures combined with flyer distribution will make you unstoppable. That is because the distribution of flyers is direct, simple, and fast.

3. Create Valuable and Informative Content

Potential clients don’t just want great and valuable content. Search engines like Google do too. There are numerous ways of sharing information. These may include hosting podcasts, submitting articles to different online authority platforms, designing infographics, blogging, and creating views.

All of these will help you get authority as a professional, not to mention they generate more traffic. You may as well be a guest blogger for other complementary websites or get interviewed on podcasts.

It is not a must you produce content yourself. You may consider hiring personal assistants, graphic designers, and freelance writers through platforms such as Upwork. And if you run out of content ideas, you may always repurpose old ones and give them a new spin.

4. Use Facebook Advertising

About 2.4 million medium and small-sized businesses market on Facebook. This platform is one of the effective and inexpensive ways to advertise your business virtually.

Facebook advertising excels when it comes to advanced targeting. They will enable you to target specific audiences based on online behavior, sex, age, interests, and location.

Creating a Facebook ad is simple. All you need is a solid headline, a link, one image, and a descriptive copy. The Facebook Ads Manager can as well make it fairly easy to test and run multiple ad tests. This will enable you to reach profitability or hone in on winning formulas without requiring advanced technical expertise.

Final Thoughts!

More often than not, you may find that conversion rates on advertising are low. Even successful campaign measures result in about a 15% range. This can help in shattering any illusion about instant success, but it can as well be a chance for improvement.

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