5 Digital Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Know

by Sudarsan

According to the New York Times, one of the most important digital marketing techniques is to market to people “in the moment” they need the information. In other words, it’s not just important to get people the info they need. It’s important to get it when they need it.

Knowing all the best digital marketing techniques for your business can be easier than you think. Here are 5 simple techniques every business should know for digital marketing success.

1. Become Mobile-Friendly

Today, if your website isn’t what we call, “mobile-friendly,” you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

These days, people do most of their web browsing on their phones. Just think about how many times a day you ask Siri, “Where’s the closest…?”

Your potential customers need to be able to do everything from researching your product to purchasing from their own mobile device. This means your website should include the following features:

  • Text that’s large and easy to read on any size phone
  • Buttons that are easy to click with a finger
  • Processes that are quick and easy to scroll through 

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, even the best digital marketing techniques will do you little good.

2. Choose Relevant Social Platforms

If most of your target audience spends their time on TikTok, and you’re marketing on Facebook, you’ve got a problem. Get the best ROI and create a robust social media presence on the platform where your customers are active.

3. Content Counts

Ah, the all-powerful Google Search algorithm. It can make or break your business and its “searchability.”If your website doesn’t have content that is relevant to your audience, isn’t SEO optimized, and isn’t fresh and regularly updated, your website will never be found. One of the most important digital marketing techniques for business success is to create valuable content for your audience. 

If content creation isn’t your forte, a digital marketing agency can help you figure out what to write, the best keywords, and when to publish content.

4. Pay Attention to Analytics

All the best marketing in the world will do you little good if you aren’t adjusting your strategy based on what’s effective. This is why you must pay attention to your analytics.

If an image, email campaign, or website flow isn’t working well, change it. If a piece of content gets better engagement at a certain time of day, publish then.

Your analytics will be key to helping you improve your digital marketing tactics so you can get the greatest number of conversions.

5. Create Infographics

There’s a reason the adage, “A picture tells a thousand words,” exists. Customers are more likely to share or engage with an image than with a block of text.

If you can explain things, offer a deal, or teach something with an infographic instead of text, do it. It will lead to higher engagement, greater awareness for your business, and likely more sales.

More Digital Marketing Techniques

There is an endless array of effective digital marketing techniques. The best way to succeed is to combine the strategies that work best for your particular product/business model.

For more helpful tips and marketing ideas, browse the business portion of our blog.

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