6 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps for Android

by Sudarsan

When it comes to puzzles, none can beat jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzle games have been around for years. These games require players to carefully place the jigsaw pieces to reveal an image. This puzzle game is absolutely fun to play. 

If you are looking for the best jigsaw art games to indulge in, you will be spoilt for choices because there are plenty of jigsaw puzzle apps on the internet. Let’s delve into them.

Jigsaw Puzzle by Easybrain

More than 13,000 puzzles can be solved in this app. Additionally, it is amazing due to the high-quality photographs and variety of subjects, such as flowers, animals, art, landmarks, etc. The number of puzzle pieces ranges from 9 to 400. This jigsaw puzzle software also offers a variety of difficulty settings for you to pick from, as well as a ton of extras, including a rotation mode to make it harder, the option to get tips if you get stuck, and mystery riddles. There is always a new puzzle to play because the app’s gallery is updated every day. This is of course one of its amazing features. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Real

Try Jigsaw Puzzle Real if you are sick and tired of the ads that keep appearing on the screen as you play your favorite jigsaw puzzle game. There aren’t many in-app purchases available in this app, and it isn’t overly promotional. Additionally, it is much more involved and fascinating than most other jigsaw puzzles available. With this app’s variety of amusing themes, including Halloween, castles, beaches, and pets, you may cheer yourself up at any moment. So there is no room for boredom if you have this app. You can also decide how many pieces you want in your puzzle. Currently, this app offers about 2400 free images split across 35 themes. These images can each be divided into 1000 parts and rearranged.

Houses Jigsaw Puzzles

This puzzle game is perfect for you if you’re looking for a jigsaw puzzle you can play online and offline. Additionally, you can turn your best game into “memorabilia” and use it as your wallpaper. Even though there are only eight games available in the free edition of this app, each with a distinct level of difficulty, it feels like there are many more. Additionally, since most of the features are free, you won’t ever need to purchase the pro edition of this app if you can put up with a reasonable quantity of ads. The only drawback is that this game might occasionally become more difficult than anticipated, but if you enjoy difficulties, you can play it nonetheless.

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

One of the top-rated free puzzle games for Android phones is the Jigsaw Puzzle Epic. The explanation for this is rather simple: the developers of this app have catered to the demands of all age groups and have addressed the needs of a diverse audience. With over 10,000 puzzles to select from, this app guarantees you’ll never get tired of it. The number of pieces is entirely up to you as the player; you can select anything between 4 and 625.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzle

This app is a horizontally-oriented HD jigsaw puzzle that gives you more room to play the game. Even though it doesn’t offer any fresh free daily puzzles, you still have a lot of options—more than 20000! Additionally, you can contribute your own images to make puzzles. This software is a great method to pass the time because its theme is based on several National Geographic and Cartoon Network episodes.

The ability for users to alter the overall puzzle piece count makes this program special. Additionally, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles features calming music in the background, like Jigsaw Puzzles Epic. So, the music is a great bonus if you’re putting the puzzle together to unwind and clear your thoughts.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Another fantastic alternative for jigsaw art game lovers is the Jigsaw Puzzle app! The app offers daily puzzles you can finish and lets you set the overall number of pieces. It also has a section on artifacts where you can learn more about art, making it a useful educational resource.

You may solve a variety of puzzles, more than 2000, and a custom puzzle option where you can add your favorite images and make your own jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t mind ads appearing on your phone’s screen, you can download the app for free. If you wish to get rid of them, you’ll have to pay for in-app purchases.

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