Ways to Improve Your 4-Room Home Design

by Sudarsan

There are several options for a 4-room HDB design, and it is up to you to make the most of your house.

Obviously, things may appear straightforward at first look. In reality, the more room you have, the greater attention you need to take while planning the inside of your house. Whether it is an interior design for a 4-room HDB resale apartment or a BTO, the layout of each property might differ greatly. It is, therefore, extremely typical to wind up with a design that is not optimal for you.

Yet, this does not imply that you will be forced to live with an unattractive floor plan. On the contrary, you must be innovative and think beyond the box to construct an aesthetically pleasing and practical HDB house. Several credible interior design ideas are freely available on the Internet, from which you may quickly draw inspiration.

In addition, we have produced a list of 12 inventive 4-room HDB design ideas that we believe will provide you with useful recommendations for your home renovation.

Concentrate on Certain Areas

Undoubtedly, the first thing that springs to mind is that renovating HDB apartments is often more expensive. Relative to 2- and 3-room HDB homes, the design of a 4-room HDB unit is more expensive. You cannot spend your whole cash on luxurious interior pieces. Alternatively, you might concentrate on building up certain high-priority parts of your home.

Changing little touches is perhaps one of the most effective methods to make a 4-room HDB home appear “full”. For example, you may like to install track lighting or hang wall art to add visual appeal. To generate visual contrast, you might experiment with laminated and veneered finishes.

Invest in Appropriate Supplies and Color Scheme

The colour scheme is a vital aspect of the interior design of HDB 4-room flats. For most, this may simply refer to the wall colour. Unfortunately, many are unaware that the colour scheme encompasses everything from the wall colour to the smallest details.

You would want to match the colour of your walls and furnishings to get a unified appearance. It is possible to blend wood textures with neutral colours that complement the furnishings. So, you can create an upmarket appearance in your HDB resale or BTO house without spending a fortune.

Incorporate Quirky Accents

A limited budget does not mean that your 4-room HDB design will appear generic. Even if your makeover won’t be featured in Architectural Digest, you may still put your own touch on the interior design. This refers to putting a unique touch to your living place instead of conforming to the conventional.

Normally, you may create a relaxed Scandinavian vibe by using a sliding door and crawling floor tiles. But let your own imagination guide you. For instance, you may carve a circular hole in the wall of your hallway and install a double mirror, as seen in the image below. This will surely make the interior of your home appear much larger.

Go Open-Plan

This concept may appear basic and clear. However, it is the basis for many 4-room HDB design concepts. So, you should not be frightened to choose an open-floor layout. There is no simpler method to generate a feeling of vastness in a small room. You may believe that hacking walls is a costly endeavour. Yet, expanding your kitchen or living room should not be too expensive.

Use a Wall to Create a Focal Point

Although this recommendation may initially appear complicated, you will quickly grasp its meaning. Homeowners frequently overlook walls as a location to implement their 4-room HDB interior design ideas. There are several methods to create a focal point in your house, and an excellent place to begin is with your walls.

Adding a splash of brilliant colour to one of your walls is perhaps the simplest method. However, you may take it even further by installing a graphic mural or a blackboard wall with complex hand-drawn artwork. A small amount of creativity will go a long way, making the room much more dynamic and distinctive.

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