5 Reasons to Use A Car Navigation App

by Sudarsan

Did you know that more than 150 million people use a car navigation system each year?

Essentially, there are three ways you may use a GPS system in your vehicle. The first is as an embedded navigation system. The next is on your smartphone with a GPS navigation app. Lastly, you may use a GPS app that is mirrored from your phone and onto your car entertainment display.

To learn more about why car GPS navigation is great, just keep on reading this article!

1. Map Updates

It doesn’t seem appealing to pay extra for a car’s integrated navigation system and then pay for a map update through a car service. Anyone can easily update the maps with a mobile car navigation app.

With updated maps, you’ll get to your destination faster and without any interruptions if there’s been construction or road changes.

2. Latest Technology

It is no secret that apps adapt to changing technologies much more quickly than embedded car systems do. They also always work with the newest mobile devices and car models.

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3. Arrive at the Destination Quicker

To find your way, keep in mind that you don’t just need to use your navigation system. In the event of heavy traffic, you can use it to map out alternate routes and examine traffic patterns.

In case you didn’t know, idling in a bumper-to-bumper situation for 15 minutes can use up as much gas as a quarter tank!

4. Find Points of Interest

Travelers are able to observe all the businesses, structures, and other attractions they pass while traveling. You can get the same information from a navigation app that is blindness-aware.

As you get close to each POI, you can have information about their location, direction, and distance announced. Additionally, you can restrict these announcements to particular classifications, like banks and restaurants, or to specific locations you’ve marked as your favorites.

5. Safety

An accessibility-aware navigation app can be instructed to inform you of your current direction on the compass. When returning to the street from a large parking lot or a busy downtown area, this can come in very handy.

When it’s time to turn, traditional turn-by-turn directions will let you know, but what about all the streets you have to cross between here and there? As you get closer to each cross street, a blindness-aware navigation app will announce the distance and its name.

Additionally, it will occasionally announce addresses close by so you are aware of how far you have traveled on each block and whether your destination is on the left or right side of the street.

Get Where You’re Going With GPS Car Navigation

Pretty much everyone uses a GPS car navigation system or app to get where they’re going these days. Whether you want improved safety, more information about surrounding POIs, or just the latest technology, it’s time to use a GPS car navigation app!

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