5 Types of Videos to Boost Your Listings

by Sudarsan

Video-based content in Real Estate has seen a meteoric rise in popularity with the growth of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Hop on YouTube today, and in just a matter of minutes, you can find videos on how to do or learn pretty much anything, from creating a website for your real estate business to improving your selling & marketing skills. 

The key takeaway is that video is changing and revolutionizing how people go about buying and selling homes. When looking for Realtors to work with, it’s entirely possible these days for potential customers to judge realtors by the number of videos/subscribers/followers they have on Social Media. 

It is also important to understand that the world today is digital and mobile. Potential customers for your business have access to an entire internet’s worth of information. They can easily search for competitors in the area or companies they believe are better suited to helping them buy their dream home or get the best deal for their home.

Since starting our Drone Agency a couple of years ago, we have worked with many realtors based in the Western Massachusetts area. From Springfield to Northampton and Agawam, being perceived as an expert is one of the primary problems realtors ask us to help them solve. From our experience, we tell them that leveraging video to carve a space for themselves and build a brand is the most important decision they can take. The real estate market has become even more competitive today than it was just a few years ago. With competition in some cases being literally around the corner, we tell our clients to focus on creating a range of video assets that will help them project expertise, build trust with potential customers, and generate inquiries. 

Here are some of the most popular types of real estate videos 

Property Listing Videos

Every house has a story to tell, a narrative that sums up what living in the house could be like. In the past, realtors used to achieve this (somewhat) through the use of photos alone. Today, though, a video is worth a 

thousand pictures if a picture is worth a thousand words. A beautifully created video, complete with drone flyovers and simulated walk-throughs, can take your listings to another level. 

Neighborhood Videos

There’s a saying among homeowners that when you’re buying a house, you’re essentially buying a part of the neighborhood too. Showcasing what amenities are available, how far public facilities like post offices, hospitals, and supermarkets are, and what the schools are like can help swing the purchase decision in your favor.

A related off-shoot to the neighborhood video would be a School Review video. It’s common for people to judge where they live by the quality of education available nearby. No one would want their family to grow up in an area where quality education was hard to come by, or worse accessible only through hours of commuting each day. 

Real Estate Listing Video

Like the Property Video mentioned earlier, the Real Estate Listing video can be either a single video of a home or a collection of videos, with a sales approach. According to a study conducted by Inman, 73% of homeowners said they were more likely to go with a Realtor if they offered to create a video for their home. 

Realtor Introduction Video

Ask any salesman, and they’ll tell you the one most important factor of any customer relationship is trust. It takes a long time to build and is easily lost. A video that introduces your company, your team, or you with your best foot forward, outlines what makes you unique and why people should work with you will go a long way in developing a solid relationship. 

Client Testimonial Video

While the Introduction Video tells the story about your or your business, the Testimonial video tells a story of your successes. Shot usually at the location at the client’s recently sold or purchase property, complete with stunning aerial photography and videography, Testimonial videos are designed to dispel any lingering doubts in the minds of potential customers. 


Real estate marketing for agents is being transformed by real estate drone photography. Whether you’re just jumping on to the video bandwagon today or have been creating video assets for years, it’s time to elevate your listings through absolutely stunning aerial drone photography and affordable video creation with a quick turnaround time. 

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