No, You Don’t Need To Get A Brand-new Phone

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Tech doesn’t stop getting better. Despite the setbacks the tech industry is currently facing with chip shortages and supply chain issues, it has still experienced growth. It remains a very competitive market, with the likes of Samsung nudging Apple for the number one spot in smartphone sales. Furthermore, there’s still a growing number of online users due to the drastic shift in digitization, which currently drives the demand much faster than the supply can keep up.

However, due to this rising demand for all things tech, more and more people are scramming for the latest gadgets and handhelds they can get their hands on, without considering the potential loss on their part. One area that’s been getting undivided attention is all the up-and-coming smartphones just waiting for their release. Still, we’d advise everyone otherwise because getting a brand-new smartphone isn’t something you currently need.

Your Current Phone Is Doing Just Fine

Let’s be honest; while the idea of getting a brand-new phone might sound like a perfectly understandable plan, in reality, we are being driven by hype and all the spammy advertisements that get up in our faces. Plus, if your current phone is doing just fine and still meets every responsibility without a hitch, then it’s all the more reason to keep using it as opposed to making an unnecessary purchase that could lead to buyer’s remorse. 

  • Still Supports Updates: A good way to tell whether your current phone is still up for the job is if it still supports all the updates and enables you to use every relevant application in your lifestyle with ease. And if you’ve bought your smartphone just a year or two ago, then you can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to work and will continue working for up to three or more years.
  • Decent Battery Life: Battery life is always a good benchmark for a phone’s fidelity, and if it’s still decent and lasts a good 8 – 10 hours depending on usage, it should still serve you well as long you don’t overburden it. However, if it keeps bugging you and doesn’t seem to work unless it’s plugged into the wall, then it might need a replacement.

You Don’t Need All The New Features

While we don’t mean to downplay how far smartphones have come in terms of improvement, many of the new features they come equipped with tend to serve a niche instead of general use cases. And while that’s not to say you won’t find a use for them sometime in the future, it does say a lot about paying a premium price tag for stuff you’re not sure will help you in any way, shape, or form. 

  • New Looks, Little Innovation: We won’t deny that we’re suckers for a good-looking smartphone; it’s only natural that aesthetics sell well, but some of the latest models are but new looks with little innovation to them. Sure, the first couple of weeks, you’ll be nonstop raving about how nice it fits or the new design, but after first impressions, it won’t much have to offer compared to your current phone.
  • A Bit Of Fixing: If you’re worried about a crack on your screen or maybe a button that’s sunk a bit too much to be useful, we always recommend trying a bit of fixing before using this as a reason to get a brand-new one. You can squeeze a lot more value by availing yourself of iPhone repair services or bringing your android to the local expert, and you’re saving a lot more money this way as well.

But, There Are Caveats

Likewise, while there’s nothing wrong with saving and waiting for prices to drop off, there are caveats to keeping your current phone if it’s not in the most optimal condition to keep using. And if you do experience any of these stressful problems daily, then buying the latest model is a much smarter decision than spending all your time troubleshooting. 

  • Your Phone Is Uncooperative: If your current phone is well over five years old now and many of the applications you’re using have already dropped support for outdated software, you’re better off getting the latest model. Plus, if it’s lagging too much and can’t even handle your everyday activities, it’s a good sign that the hardware can no longer meet performance demands.
  • Your Phone’s Beyond Repair: While getting a phone fixed does save you money nine times out of ten, if your phone’s beyond repair, then you’ll end up massing quite the repair bill that could’ve afforded you that brand-new one instead. And with grocery prices increasing this year and with many bills stacking up, choosing the more economical decision is necessary.

More Worthwhile If You Wait For A Little

Overall, we still consider waiting for a little a much better option because hype can cloud a lot of good judgment, and once third-party reviews give their honest feedback about the latest models, you can then gauge whether it’s worth your money or not. So don’t fall for all the masses racing after trends because you wouldn’t want to be on the losing end with a brand new phone and a case of buyer’s remorse. 

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