Clever Tips to Maximise the Use of Daily Wear Contact Lenses

by Sudarsan

There are two kinds of daily contact lenses worn by people nowadays. The first one was the daily disposable contact lenses, while the other one is called daily extended use contact lenses. Both have different functions, which is why contact lenses like Acuvue contacts are designed for their specific uses. 

However, not everyone who wears contacts knows the differences between the two distinct types of contact lenses. Here are several important details about the widely used contact lenses you can buy from optical shops today.

Differences Between Daily Disposables and Daily Wear Contacts

It is important to remember that “daily disposables” and “daily wear” contact lenses are different from each other. But both are not meant for extended wear.  

The daily disposable contact lenses are single-use contacts that you must throw out after use. They are made to let you have a fresh pair of contact lenses every day. Meanwhile, daily wear contacts can be worn and disinfected for two weeks up to one month before disposal.  

How Many Hours Per Day Can You Wear Daily Contacts? 

Most people who wear contact lenses usually put them on for eight to 16 hours per day. But the length of wearing the contacts depends on your current eye health. You must also assess if you can tolerate contact lenses without irritating your eyes. 

If you often experience sensitivity or dry eyes, you might have to remove the daily contact lenses after eight hours. It means you must also keep a pair of backup glasses that you can wear when resting your eyes. It is also best to consult with your eye doctor to know how long you must wear your contacts. 

Can You Clean Daily Disposable Contact Lenses? 

Since daily disposables and daily wear contact lenses like Acuvue contacts are usually made with thinner materials, they cannot resist dirt and bacteria buildup. It means that you cannot clean these types of lenses. 

If you try to disinfect or clean your daily contacts, you will put it at risk of breaking the highly sensitive materials. It makes the contact lens more susceptible to germs. It also put you at risk of experiencing unexpected ripping when worn. 

However, you may find some rewetting drops that are compatible with your soft contact lens to keep it more hydrated and comfortable when worn. 

Can Daily and Disposable Contact Lenses Expire? 

All kinds of contact lenses expire, including the daily-wear and daily disposables variety. You can check its expiration date stamped on the packaging. 

When the stamped date said 2023/01, it means you can use the contact lenses until the last day of January 2023. If the contacts are already past their expiration date, you must avoid using them and dispose of them right away. 

Proper Contact Lens Storage

If you do not wear your contact lenses as soon as you purchased them, you must store the product in a closed lens case. You must avoid putting your lenses in simple saline solution if you have no specially formulated multi-purpose contact lens solution. 

Also, the lenses stored in unopened cases can last up to 30 days. If it reaches past the maximum number of days, you must no longer use it. 

Wearing daily disposables and daily wear contact lenses can be a convenient way to introduce contact lens habits. If you know how to do it properly, you will enjoy wearing fresh sets of contact lenses for a long time. 

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