5 Ways to Get HQ Links for Your New Website

by Sudarsan

Though it would be a lie to say that backlinks are the full SEO; still, they are a big part of every SEO strategy, or, what even more accurate, one of every SEO strategy’s main goals. It is the backlinks that “say” to Google that your site is authoritative and trustable, so it deserves the highest ranking and a place in the top 5 results of SERP.

Of course, it works that way only if backlinks to your resource are high-quality, that is natural, relevant and from reliable websites.
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In this article, let’s see the five newest and old proven methods to get HQ links for your just created site in 2021.

Brand Representing

The best references are natural ones when other resources link to you without your actions. But it is possible only if you have a well-known company and site. So it would be best if you switched your goal from getting high-quality links to building your brand.
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There are a few ways to do it, but all of them can be combined in one main tactic — represent your brand everywhere.

It means to create social media accounts and be active there, to answer users` requests and questions at forums (if they are similar to your niche), to have a strong content marketing strategy (not just texts but videos) and to create networks and connections with your clients, competitors and allies.

Using Broken Links

Broken links are links that are no longer clickable. For example, these can be references to the site that has recently changed its domain. If such resources and backlinks are in your niche, you can contact their webmasters and offer to replace URLs in these broken links to relevant pages of your website.

Guest Posting

This method is one of the old but proven ones. The point is to create a blog post and put a link to your site into the text, then find a resource in your niche that is ready to publish guest posts and make an arrangement about posting with its webmaster. By the way, you do not necessarily need to write the article on your own; you can order it, for example, at adsy guest posting service. They also can find a relevant resource and make all arrangements for you.

Writing Ultimate Guide

It is a well-known SEO fact that long reads attract more backlinks. When you write not only a long read but an ultimate guide, you also cover a huge amount of questions in your niche, so it increases chances to be mentioned even more. To make this tactic effective, you will need to heed the advice from phreesite.com: especially the one about keywords picking. Two other tips you have to remember:

  • Choose the trending topic for the ultimate guide but not the one all your competitors have already written about.
  • Do not be afraid to cover everything: this is a guide, so if you have something to add, just add it as one more part.

Finding Existing Mentions

Finally, let’s look at the easiest way to get high-quality links. It will be especially useful for those who have succeeded with the first method in this article. The point is to find mentions of your brand without actual backlinks to your resource. The number of such mentions may surprise you because not all authors leave URLs in their articles.

You can do a manual search on Google (for an accurate title search, you need to enter the word in quotes and exclude your site from the search results), or you can set a reminder from Google for the future — you will receive an email every time content with your name appears on the Internet.

Then you just need to write the webmaster of the site where you have found mentions and ask him or her to add the backlink to you.

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