A Guide for Adding a Crisis Helpline to Your Therapy Office

by Sudarsan

As people are subjected to no shortage of difficult things to deal with in life, it helps to have some assistance. Many people decide to head to therapy to help to deal with the mental ailments they are dealing with. In many cases, there are qualified psychotherapists who can help people to deal with their mental health concerns.

One of the ways that therapists can help people is by adding a crisis center to their therapy office.
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The Quarter-Life Crisis Survival Guide helped many individuals get the immediate assistance they may require. Today we’ll provide a guide for how to add a crisis helpline to a therapy office.

Call Center Therapists

When going to a therapist’s office, you want to rest assured that the person you’re seeking help from knows what they’re doing. You can apply this line of thinking to any service that you’re paying for, but especially in the case of therapy. A therapist is dealing with matters of the mind, which can be a pretty fragile space, to begin with. Finding a therapist who has a specialty in different forms of mental therapy can help in the long run. This focus on receiving quality treatment also applies to a crisis helpline for a therapy office.

If you’re a therapist in NYC or elsewhere in the United States, think about adding a crisis helpline to your therapy office. When you do this, make sure to staff it with therapist support teams. From the first session when a caller reaches your crisis hotline, to their final session, you want a patient to receive a live agent who can guide them successfully through a psychotherapy session. These patients are reaching out to a live agent with a phone call, in the hopes of receiving some immediate assistance.

Staff your crisis contact center with other therapists. This will ensure that a caller will receive the same type of treatment that they would if they were visiting a therapist in person in your New York City office. Make sure that your crisis center therapists are the right fit for the crisis center and can tackle any mental health issues that might come their way. Definitely first consider adding qualified contact center therapists to your therapy office’s crisis helpline.

Call Center Technology

Another main component of your crisis contact center is call center technology. You’re going to want a system that allows you to accept inbound calls and make outbound calls unimpeded. Dealing with mental health concerns is a serious task to undertake. You don’t want to have to worry about dropping a call on a patient or not being able to get to a caller who needs your help in a timely fashion. Many call centers across the United States rely on such technology to stay afloat, and your crisis center will require the same.

Make sure your call center software is set up in such a way that a patient is being routed to the correct therapist or live agent, and they don’t have to deal with unanswered calls. You don’t want your callers to simply get an answering machine. You want them to find the correct live agent who is qualified to help them with their needs. Find a call center software provider like Bright Pattern who can help you to understand such call center technology terms as auto dialing software, predictive dialing, preview dialing, phone burners, power dialing, CRM software, and progressive dialing. Make sure this contact center technology works seamlessly with your business, so you can get the caller to the best therapist for the job.
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Have a bit of patience when setting up a crisis helpline for your therapy office. Any type of major change at a business can be a little daunting and frustrating at the beginning. This can especially be the case at a therapist’s office. Your main goal is to help children, young adults, and adults deal with whatever mental health concerns they may be suffering from. Be patient while your call center agents learn the ropes of the new call center system. Packing a healthy dose of patience will help you to establish a crisis center at your therapy office for prospective callers.

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