A Step by Step Guide to DIY Website Landing Page Design and Development

by Sudarsan

Technical aspects of website creation. The technical aspects of creating your own website largely depend on the correct choice of the necessary tools.  First of all, you should understand that today there are three main ways to create a website on your own:

 – using website builders;

 – using CMS systems;

 – by self-writing the source code of the site.

 – using web portal design.

Task number one is to decide on the goal of developing your own resource.  Surely it will be a commercial benefit, less often – the development of practical skills in the field.  Among the commercial purposes should be highlighted: 

  • direct sale of goods and services (online store);  
  • mediocre selling of something through advertising.


 You should start by defining your target audience and analyzing your competitors.  It is important for a website owner to understand their target audience, their needs and pains.  Then he will be able to adapt his site to their interests and get his own benefit from this.  It is worth finding answers to the questions:

  • Who is the website for?
  • what are the preferences of your potential customers?
  • what information will be useful and interesting for them?
  • what communication channels do they use?

 Review your direct competitors, study their solutions, find advantages and disadvantages.  And then use it for your own purposes.  Define your advantages, your zest, which will distinguish you and show you in a favorable light.

Creation of technical specifications

An extremely important step.  Errors are unacceptable here, since they can appear at any stage and, as a result, throw the project far back.  The TOR prescribes the main requirements of the project, its capabilities and way of working, taking into account the analysis of the target audience and competitors, goals and strategy.  In fact, the two previous stages are carried out in order to draw up a high-quality technical specification and transfer it to specialists.

 Basic requirements for the terms of reference:

 Detail.  Everything that a specialist has to do must be indicated in the TOR.  Even if it’s a required part of the job, even if the developer has done it hundreds of times and doesn’t need a reminder.  Every requirement, every aspect of the work should be prescribed.

How the profession of a web designer ignites

Web design came later than graphic design, brand design, interface design, UX design.  And it continues to develop rapidly.

Working as a web design outsourcing is interesting and creative.  Here you will find a huge field of clients and organizations, here everyone who wants to expand their presence on the Internet.

There is always a lot of work for experienced web designers.

The number of Internet users is growing rapidly: more and more people buy, communicate, and do business here.  Therefore, the demand for hardworking and passionate professionals is growing rapidly.

 According to BLS, the job offer is projected to grow by 13% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the 5% average growth for all occupations.

This is where you organize your work schedule.

A flexible schedule and the ability to do a task anywhere in the world is a strong plus.  Moreover, such conditions are offered by both agencies and large companies.

 As a freelancer, you can schedule your work based on your circumstances.  The format is good if you learn how to find a balance, get pumped up in working with clients and project management.

Design theory and visual design

Web designers are well versed in the principles of visual design and are proficient in the following things:

  • Composition.  You need to understand how to host sites with organizing information using a columnar grid, vertical rhythm and modulus, and also be able to adapt the design for different screen sizes to create a responsive design.
  • Typography.  Practice choosing appropriate voice brands and matching font pairs that are easy to read, attract attention and charge you for targeted actions.

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