Apartment Hunting? Here’s How to Show Proof of Income

by Sudarsan

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect apartment, you’ll need to have a few items on hand to help the process go smoothly. One of those items is proof of income. 

How do you verify that you’re gainfully employed? Read on to learn how you can show proof of income to a landlord!

Bring a Copy of Your W-2

Your W-2 form  is an easy way to show that you are employed. It will reveal your wages and place of employment, so you’ll be able to show a landlord your annual income. All employers need to have these forms on file for employees, so the W-2 is a credible source of validation.

You’ll Show Consistency With a Bank Statement

If you don’t have a W-2 handy, you can turn to a bank statement. Assuming you’re having your paychecks direct-deposited or doing the depositing yourself, you should be able to show evidence of bank transactions.

Print out a statement that includes recent deposits of income from your employer. Try to show deposits from the past several months so that you can demonstrate income consistency. 

Paystubs Will Work

Do you have a few pay stubs on hand? Those will work, too. Check to confirm that your employer’s name is clearly visible, as well as the date and dollar amount. 

And if you need access to a professional and clear paystub to demonstrate proof of income, check out https://www.thepaystubs.com/paystub-sample-templates.

Self-employed Individuals Can Show Proof of Income

Finding proof of income as a self-employed person might sound more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. If your business is your primary source of income, you can show a 1099 form to paint a clearer picture of your financial health. Show this, as well as some bank statements, and you should have the proof you need.

Tax Returns Show Your Annual Income

Another source of verification? Your most recent tax returns should get the job done. Tax returns offer a transparent look at your financial history from the past year. A landlord will be able to get a sense of your primary income as well as any other sources of money that contribute to your financial picture.

Don’t Overlook Documents Related to Gifts and Passive Income 

Did you inherit a bunch of money from your great-grandmother? Or do you have money in investments? These are gifts or forms of passive income that affect your financial situation.

If you have a pile of money accumulating interest, it can add up. And if your primary job doesn’t pay as well, having a document proving your inheritance or gift can make you a more attractive candidate for a landlord.

Come Prepared

Bringing proof of income to your meeting with a landlord will communicate that you are financially stable — and responsible. Since apartments can get snatched up quickly, you’ll set yourself up for more success if you have the documents you need.

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