Caring for Your Home during Remote Work

by Sudarsan

The current pandemic has changed the way we live and work indefinitely. Governments all over the world implement strict lockdown protocols in order to prioritize the health and safety of their citizens. People were forced to shelter in place for almost a year, and countless businesses were forced to shut down operations.

In order to keep businesses alive, some companies were lucky enough to be able to transition to a remote working arrangement. Employees started doing office work from the comfort of their own homes. However, working from home does have its own perks and disadvantages. Whether you’ve bought your own home with an abundance of space, are renting a great apartment, or are on a lease for a smaller studio, this can all affect how you transition to working from home. 

Remote working provided companies the opportunity to continue operations while still maintaining their workforce’s safety. Working at home offers you a better sense of security as you’re not mingling with numerous people or in shared spaces. It also cut out your daily commute, which would be a source of anxiety if you were using public transportation. Even elevator rides, pantries, meeting rooms, and coffee shops were no longer a part of our daily routines.

However, working from home also came with an understandable learning curve. Poor communications, unclear guidelines, decreased productivity, and a more challenging time focusing are all a part of the work from home journey. 

After a period of adjustment, it’s actually been seen that employee productivity even increased during the work from home set up. Employees felt safer and able to work more efficiently without the distractions at the office. Setting up your own space at home isn’t always a walk in the park and remote working also significantly affects your home life. Preparing yourself and your home for the future of working can help get you settled into a new and productive routine. 

Your own space

It’s essential when transitioning to working from home to establish your own space. Though this may not always be possible in a house that holds a bigger family, it’s important to choose an area you can concentrate on and keep organized. Separate spaces for productivity and relaxation are also essential to ensuring work doesn’t take over your home.

Your work area should ideally be outside of your bedroom and not in other areas of the house that are meant for your downtime. A workspace closer to a window can help you feel a little less boxed in by your home and can also help relax you during your workday. 

Home maintenance

More time at home meant that we could take note of little things about our house that would usually fly under the radar. That wobbly shelf or broken kitchen cabinet could finally be addressed. Leaving the little stuff unattended in a space where you’re spending almost all of your time can lead to increased feelings of frustration. Managing them early on and making sure your house is in tip-top shape will result in a happier and work-free environment for both your workdays and weekends.

Contacting professionals for bigger jobs can also take the work off your hands. Landscapers can help create a better outdoor area or patio for you, heating and cooling contractors can help with your home’s HVAC system, and professional cleaners and organizers can get your house in pristine condition. 

The kitchen

Our kitchens also need to be addressed when working from home. They instantly become our cafeteria, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars all in one. Stocking up on your everyday necessities such as small snacks you would usually have at the office, and quick and easy meals can help energize you throughout the day and reduce your fast-food consumption.

Healthy snacks and quick fresh meals help with productivity and also help avoid any unwanted weight gain. Keeping the kitchen clean and clutter-free with the organization also enables you to get through your day without worrying about a mess waiting for you at the end of a long workday. 

Work-life balance

Once you’ve got your own workspace and your home is in shape, it’s easy to start morphing your work responsibilities together with what’s supposed to be your time off. Keeping your bedroom, a sacred space that’s for rest will help disconnect from your workday. A good night’s sleep and time off are essential to maintaining your mental health.

Technology also offers us a great way to socialize from home. Hopping on a video call with your loved ones or even seeing your favorite movie online serves to help us destress. A current trend is employees who’ve been able to master working from home not only have increased productivity but also a better work-life balance. Using the time freed up by staying at home has dramatically benefited them overall. 

Working from home doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Businesses continue to pursue hybrid working setups as the new normal continues to develop.

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