What are the pros and cons of learning piano online?

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Due to Covid 19, people love to learn almost everything by staying at their home, even if it is a musical instrument. We know that it is very comfortable to take classes by simply staying at home, but it also has some disadvantages. Many people are still confused about whether they should learn piano online or offline. To solve their confusion, we will tell you about some of the pros and cons of learning piano online with the help of an online music teacher so that you will be able to decide how you should learn piano. 

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More comfortable: You can learn piano online by comfortably sitting at any corner of your home in any type of clothes be it Kurta Pajama or Lower. With this, you can also save the money needed to expand in offline piano learning like traveling expenses. 

Geographic location is no consideration: You don’t need to worry about your location if it is so far from the home of your piano teacher. You can sit in any corner of the world and take online classes from any teacher. 

You can go at your own pace: You can start online lessons from anywhere at your convenience. While attending an online class, you can record it also. With the help of this, if any point of the lesson is missed, then you can see it again later. 

Flexibility: You can take online piano lessons anytime anywhere at your convenience, whether it is 11 p.m. or 5 a.m. It’s totally up to you. 

Affordability: There are some apps and lessons available on the net from where you can learn to play piano for free, which is certainly very economical. But be sure that you do not have to compromise with your learning. Some teachers charge less in online classes than in offline classes. 


Disturbance due to technology: Sometimes you may have to face disturbance in your class due to the network interruption. If you learn piano offline, you may not need to buy an instrument, but you will have to buy your own instrument in an online class. Make sure that you or your teacher have a good internet connection or else you may have to face a lot of inconveniences. 

Lack of interaction: You may find it a little difficult to concentrate in online classes as notifications from other apps and the noise in the house can distract you. Also, your progress may be affected due to a lack of interaction with the teacher because of the distance. 

Getting the angles of your camera right: During online piano lessons, make sure that the angle of your camera is right or the teacher will not be able to see the movement of your hands. As a result, even if you make a mistake, they will not be able to rectify your mistake. But maintaining the right angle of the camera is not so easy. You may get very irritated by doing this again and again.

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