Why are Placement Cells So Important?

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Professional life is demanding. There is a lot of rivalry for employment, and not everyone gets a good one. Students may be under a lot of strain when it comes to placements because they are in their final semester and are thinking about it. It can be mentally taxing for students. That is why a university must have a good placement cell.

University placement cells will assist students to prepare for their future step into the professional world while also relieving a significant portion of their worry. The institution established them primarily as a resource for guidance that would assist them in obtaining the job profile they desire based on their abilities and talents. In addition to preparation, university placement cells assist in getting the right people to the right place.

Students who are left alone risk jeopardising their careers by landing in the wrong place. As a result, the significance of a good cell cannot be overstated. For the engineering background, there are many placement training for engineering students available online as well as on campus.

● Fills the Gap

Placement cells must place the correct people. Yes, many jobs are available, but so is skill that must be matched. Students may have preconceived notions about their dream job or salary. Students typically have unrealistic assumptions because they lack industry understanding.
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Again, placement cells aim to educate them on the issue and show them their role.

● Preparation

Preparation is one of the most beneficial things a placement cell can do for students. Interviews are difficult, and even the finest students can have their confidence shattered by one terrible interview. So, through practice, interviews, counselling, and providing them with ideas for confidence before an interview, placement cells may do an excellent job of mentally preparing them.

● Awareness

Another way that positioning cells assist is by raising their awareness. Though students may be well-versed in theory, they must also be aware of contemporary industry situations. Placement cells inform students about the sector they are entering. They will enter the working world with far greater awareness and preparation.

● Possibilities for Employment

Above all, a placement cell’s principal purpose is to place students in good organisations where they can begin their careers. Campus assignments are students’ first chance to get an in-depth understanding of the professional world. They also develop a better knowledge of their intentions.
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Interacting with industry experts is usually advantageous, thus placement cells must seek out the best companies for placement drives. This also aids in the placement of educated individuals inappropriate positions, which promotes both the college’s reputation on a micro level and the country’s economy and reputation on a macro level.

The Verdict

Workplace issues abound. A university’s Placement Cell knows this and prepares students for high-paying jobs. The University’s training and placement unit assist students in preparing for interviews, group talks, personal interviews, and writing a solid CV and cover letter. The placement and training cell enables students to build career-shaping skills and competencies.

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