Benefits of Purpose-Built Housing Options for Students

by Sudarsan
Built-Housing-Options-for Students

When it comes to student accommodation in Australia and some other parts of the world, purpose-built housing is a great option. With the help of Iglu Student Accommodation, you can find this type of housing at an affordable price. 

Want to know the benefits of purpose-built housing options for students?

Here they are:

Comfortable Study Environment

Purpose-built student housing options offer the perfect study environment that you can’t find in private accommodations. You get everything you need from a modern space equipped with study desks to high-speed internet. The peaceful ambiance helps you to focus on your studies and motivates you to research and finish all assignments on time. 

Safety and Security

Most of the purpose-built student housing properties have installed CCTV and employed security guards to ensure the safety of students. If safety matters to you the most, get in touch with Iglu Student Accommodation as they can find fully safe and secure housing where you can sleep without worrying about your precious belongings. 

Freedom to Select a Room and Roommates

Fortunately, you get a wide variety of rooms to choose from according to your needs and preferences. You can go for a living room shared with other students or a private room in a flat and share or not share a bathroom/kitchen with others. 

If you don’t like sharing accommodation with others, you can stay in a single-bedroom flat or self-equipped studio. When you book with a group of students, you can stay together in the same flat. 

All-inclusive Bills and Essential Facilities

Purpose-built student housing options usually do all-inclusive billing, and thus, you don’t need to pay extra charges for water, electricity, and internet. 

Such types of student accommodation also offer essential on-site facilities such as car parking/storage and laundry. Though you need to pay additional charges, the essentials always benefit you. 

Inside your room, you also get essentials such as a wardrobe, study, and storage area, kitchen, and bathroom. Some of the properties also offer a weekly cleaning service if you share the living area, kitchen, and bathroom with other students. 

Convenient Location

You get to live within easy walking distance from your university or educational institution. Moreover, many of the student housing options are close to good shops, cafes, and restaurants. 

When you have easy access to transport links, you can easily roam around the city and travel to/from your university.

Social Joints

Studying in Australia or any other country is about studies and socializing with people. Purpose-built housing options offer different social joints such as – lounges, rooftops, cinema halls, and communal games rooms. 

When you spend time at such social joints, you can make new friends and interact with students of your age sharing the same interests. 


If you want to save money on student accommodation, nothing can be better than purpose-built housing options. They offer the option of all-inclusive billing and a shared kitchen where you can cook food with others. 

On the contrary, you need to pay expenses besides rent when living in on-campus accommodation. You tend to buy meals and a data plan if they don’t offer a WiFi connection. In case you rent a private room or flat, you need to pay rent, utilities, food, and other essentials. 

Cultural Community

When living in student housing, you come across students from various cultures and backgrounds. You can build strong connections when studying abroad. The cultural community gives a sense of belonging when you are away from your own country. 

Bottom Line

So, these are the benefits of purpose-built housing options for students. Before making an option for them, you should do an extensive comparison considering various factors and then make a smart decision. 

Iglu Student Accommodation helps you to find the perfect purpose-built student accommodation. Once you choose the right housing option, you get to experience a wonderful and fulfilled student life. 

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