Financial Planning For Your Dream Vacation

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Everyone has the idea of their dream vacation. Whether it’s at a five-star resort in the Caribbean or a luxury cabin in secluded wilderness, we know where we want to go. The problem is being able to afford that dream getaway. However, the vacation you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to remain just something you think about. With some proper financial planning, that trip can be a reality in no time at all.

Outline your expenses.

What might be scaring you away from pursuing the vacation of your dreams is how much you’ll have to spend. This first step is ripping off the bandage: figuring out your overall costs. Be sure to focus on the major cost-drivers like your lodging and transportation. Be sure to plan out when you’re traveling as locations can adjust pricing for hotels and other attractions based on peak seasonal timing. When it comes to travel, remember that peak travel times can impact things like taxis or hire through a rideshare mobile app. You may even want to consider establishing a separate emergency fund to account for additional costs.

Explore certain discounts.


If you’re looking for a great way to get some knowledge about where you’re vacationing, contact their local visitor center to get an idea of some of the local fare and hidden attractions around town. This is especially useful if you’re planning a dream vacation that includes national parks, and want to understand the resources you’ll find at the various visitor centers. Don’t hesitate to do some research to figure out what can drive down your expenses.
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Brochures can alert you to discounts for new customers at certain restaurants, museums, or other venues. This builds some money to be set aside for some special event that you had your heart set on when you get on this dream excursion.

Consider a savings account.


A hybrid bank account could be just the savings product you need to set aside the funds you need for that dream getaway. If you look into assessments of the traditional banks and other financial institutions, you may come across an EQ Bank review. Those hybrid accounts are savings accounts that come with unlimited transactions, including deposits and bill payments electronically. Customers can link their external bank account for seamless electronic funds transfers.

This form of online banking maintains a new account, and only allows access via a physical cheque or mobile cheque deposit. There are no debit cards or ATMs to get that money out of there, messing with your savings goal. This ensures that the money going into this savings account is untouched until you request it. No monthly fees or taxes are placed on an external account of this magnitude, meaning all of that money is yours.

Use credit cards carefully.


It could be tempting to turn to a credit card to expense your dream vacation, but the reality is you’re only piling on to the same debt that kept you from pursuing that excursion. Credit cards are a simple way to book flights, lock down hotel reservations, and make other online arrangements. If you are going to use a card, make sure you rely on the same card throughout the entirety of your trip.

This allows you to control one total closing balance and even gain cashback or points for future expenses. This also assures that if any issues arise, you’re dealing with one customer service outlet and not multiple. This will also limit any pressure on your credit score by running up to a higher balance. Make sure that the dream vacation you’ve always wanted is just that, a dream, and not the financial nightmare you’ve been fearing.
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