Condo Association: These water-saving tips will help save money and the planet.

by Sudarsan

If this is not the high time then God forbid such conscience. Global Warming is a fact as much as gravity is. Data reveals that the average surface temperature of our planet has risen by 1.18 degrees Celsius as compared to that of the 20th century. One might overlook this 1.18, but it brings havoc in the ecosystem. Fishes change their location based on few degrees, and then it inflicts those preying over those fishes. And then this chain goes on further. This calls for some immediate actions. Humans have grown to a dreadful 8 billion, and this comes heavy upon the planet’s ability. One cannot bring change within a day, but there are things that we must do as a responsible life on this planet. One such thing begging our mercy is water. Water is a sheer symbolism of simple and divine. Many Condo Association Management Texas companies do provide water-saving tips. But in case you still sit unknown to those, here are few of those many.

Water saving tips for your HOA or Condo Association!
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Water over Earth’s surface is becoming imbalanced. We are seeing increased cases of drought than any time in the past. Glaciers are melting due to the rising temperatures. Now countries like India are seeing severe drought and flood at the same time. To ease this a bit, we all can do our bits in many ways. When it comes to water management, we unknowingly spill water that could have been saved. This water does not only whip you with huge bills, but puts pressure on the energy consumed to bring that water to you. This increased energy consumption adds to the carbon footprint and a rise in overall temperature. If not controlled, this will lead to a global environmental collapse.

  • Wash your fruits and vegetables in the bucket and then use that water to serve plants or trees nearby.
  • Don’t let that tap stay open when you clean your teeth or mouth.
  • Use shower instead of a bath-tub. Keep a note of the time – the pleasing shower might make you forget the time you stay under it, leading to more water wastage.
  • Don’t use that dishwasher if you have few dishes to wash. Instead, wash those dishes in a separate sink (not under running water.)
  • Use a low-flow aerators on your taps and shower heads (wherever possible) to save the water.
  • Use manual watering instead of automatic-sprinklers. Sprinklers can use around 1000 liters of water within an hour.
  • Use your wastage to make a compost-pile instead of disposing it off with water. It not only saves you water but also those frowns that could come upon seeing a sewage or septic clogging.
  • Worthross Colorado, USA, suggests you don’t use machines for few clothes. Instead, use the washing machine when the load is full.
  • Use the refrigerator for cooling water to drink.
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    Or if you let that faucet running until the cold water eases you down, save that normal water instead and put it in the fridge for later use.

Ask your Condo Association Management (Texas) to spread awareness about water conservation. It will save you big amount of energy bills and add some moral strength to your identity.

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