9 Things You Should Do Before You Go to Court

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Did you know that there are more than 1.3 million attorneys in the United States of America? Thousands of people in the United States go to court each year to fight cases over a number of things. There are certain things that you need to do before you enter into a court battle, like choosing to find an attorney to help you build your case.

Choosing to hire an attorney will get rid of a lot of paperwork that they’ll handle on your behalf, and it will gain you an expert when it comes to the laws in your area and the evidence you can use in your case. The good news is that you’re in the perfect spot to learn about the things that you should do before you go to court.

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1. Know Where You’re Going

Believe it or not, there are a ton of courts out there, so it is vital to make sure that you’re going to the right one when you’ve got a court battle on your hands. In addition to knowing the location of the courthouse, you should also look into where you should park when you arrive at the courthouse. Knowing which courtroom you’ll be in is also important.

2. Dress in a Conservative Manner

If you have a court date then it is also important to consider what you wear before appearing before the judge and jury. Your best bet is to find clothing that looks like you’re going to a job interview or a church sermon. You never know how a judge will react to certain types of clothing or other things like tattoos and piercings.

The best results for your court battle will come if you eliminate any risks and choose to dress in conservative clothing. It won’t be polarizing in either direction if you dress in a way that won’t irritate or trigger someone.

3. Be Early

It is always best to be early when you hire a lawyer and go to court. You’ll decrease your odds of getting the results you want at the trial if you keep the judge and the attorney waiting on you. If you hire a lawyer and they give you a certain time to be at the courthouse then you’re better off getting there ahead of that time.

Leave 30 minutes early to build in time in case of an accident or bad traffic on the way to your court date. Court schedules are quite unpredictable, so don’t be late. It will throw off the timing for the other cases that the judge needs to hear.

4. Bring Your Evidence

When you find a lawyer, odds are that the lawyer will tell you the evidence that you should bring for the court battle that you’re facing. Odds are that your attorney will ask you to bring certain documents and photographs when you arrive at the courthouse, so it is in your best interest that you remember to bring these documents.

Forgetting to bring the evidence will hurt your case since the judge will not have the option to include the evidence for your case. It won’t matter that it exists since the judge won’t have access to it. Always listen to your injury attorney when it comes to bringing evidence.

5. Bring a Notebook

Even if you don’t like writing or taking notes it is a smart idea to bring a notebook with you so you can keep track of what is said and what’s going on. When you find a lawyer to represent you you need to remember that you’re an active participant in the case. Keeping notes of things that you agree or disagree with will make it easier to understand what is happening as the case evolves.

6. Turn Your Phone Off When You Go to Court

It’s easy to forget to turn your phone off or put it on silent, but the last thing that you want to experience is your phone going off in the middle of your court case. The court doesn’t take kindly to distractions or interruptions, so forgetting to turn your phone off could cost you your court battle.

7. Avoid Interactions With Your Opponents

Odds are that you’ve got some strong feelings towards the people on the other side of your court battle. With that being said, your best bet is to avoid speaking with them or interacting with them in any way during the court case. If you hire an attorney then your opponent’s attorney can’t speak to you unless your attorney is present.

It’s also a good idea to avoid speaking with any witnesses during your court case. Little things like that will go a long way towards helping you win your court battle.

8. Remain Respectful

You should also remain respectful at all times when you go to court. The eyes of everyone in that courtroom will be on you during your court battle, so having a respectful attitude is important for winning your case. Avoid wearing your emotions on your sleeve at all costs.

Things like rolling your eyes or showing visible disapproval will work against you even if you spend money to find an attorney. Remain neutral and attentive throughout the court battle.

9. Thank the Judge

Even if you don’t get the result that you’re hoping for, it is always a good idea to thank the judge. You’re not thanking the judge for their ruling but rather for the time that they spent on your hearing and your case.

Now You’re Ready to Go to Court

One of the trickiest things about a court battle is learning everything that you need to do when you go to court. Little things like knowing where to park and what time to arrive at the courthouse will go a long way toward helping you win your case. You should also remain neutral and avoid interacting with the people on the other side of the court battle.

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