by Sudarsan Chakraborty

If charged with drunk driving, your best option is to hire a DUI attorney to offer legal guidance and protect your rights. The right attorney can break down DUI complexity to help you understand your situation, advise you on the best course of action and represent you in court. Many people have little experience with DUI law and benefit significantly from hiring a DUI solicitor.

However, not all DUI lawyers are the same, and you should research extensively to find the right attorney. Here are the considerations to make.
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Local Expertise

DUI laws may differ from state to state, and hiring a lawyer with local expertise is necessary. Different courts treat DUI cases differently, and you need a lawyer who can anticipate the outcomes of your case based on their experience practicing in the area. It is also advisable to engage a DUI attorney with expertise in defending clients against similar charges to yours in the specific courts where your trial will take place. Otherwise, you risk out on a potential plea offer that can positively benefit your situation.


You deserve direct access to your lawyer, especially when facing a difficult situation like a DUI charge. A DUI lawyer that is not accessible when you need them is not helpful. You need a DUI lawyer who works with you one on one and returns your calls on time.
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Some lawyers hand over the case to their paralegal or nonlegal personnel until your court trial, which can be devastating, especially when you are worried about the outcome of your case. Therefore you should ensure you have personal access to your prospective DUI lawyer before hiring them.


It is helpful to reach out to family or friends who have faced a DUI charge before and ask them to recommend a good lawyer. If they were happy with the lawyer they use, there is a good chance you will have a good experience too. However, do not blindly hire any recommended lawyer without asking questions. Regardless of the recommendations, you must conduct your research to find out if they are the right lawyer for your case.

Service Rates

While this is not the most important thing to consider, it is still wise to determine whether you can afford a particular DUI lawyer’s rates. The cheapest rate may not be the right option, but you can find an affordable DUI attorney with careful research. Several factors weigh in on your ultimate costs, including geographical location, the complexity of the case, and the lawyer’s reputation.


Experience and reputation are essential when hiring a DUI lawyer. It is advisable to look at the reviews of past clients and what they have to say about the law firm or attorney. Look for comments touching on how easy or difficult it is to get an appointment with the lawyer, case management, and overall legal service. It is best to hire a DUI lawyer with a good reputation.

The Last Words

Hiring a reliable and experienced DUI lawyer can boost the outcome of your case.

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