by Sudarsan

If you have sustained severe injuries and damages in a truck accident, you have the right to seek a settlement through a personal injury claim. However, there are many myths out there about truck accidents that may make it challenging to understand your legal options. Consequently, acting on any of them may make you miss out on the money you deserve in a fair settlement of your claim.

Personal injury law is complicated, and cases involving trucks are more complex because several parties may be involved or liable. But don’t be fooled by the following myths about truck accidents.

Truckers Follow the Same Traffic Laws as Other Vehicles.

Although truckers follow similar traffic laws as other vehicle drivers, they are held to stricter rules and regulations than non-commercial motorists. Additionally, they must follow the federal and state laws that all commercial vehicles must adhere to. Therefore you may have more grounds for a claim if involved in an accident with a truck driver who violated a traffic law.

Truck Drivers are Too Experienced to Cause an Accident

Many motorists assume that truck drivers are too experienced to cause an accident. The truth is some truck drivers still manage to hit the road without the necessary qualifications and experience and are likely to cause accidents. Driving a truck requires special training, more skill, and experience to navigate even simple maneuvers like turns.

That is because trucks are bigger and heavier than other vehicles. Some trucking companies are not keen enough and allow inexperienced drivers to take the trucks leaving you to pay the price if injured in a preventable truck accident.

Truck Accidents are Dangerous for Truck Drivers as Other Drivers.

Let nobody lie to you that truck accidents are dangerous to the truck drivers as the other vehicle drivers. The truth is that truck drivers are better protected from the impact thanks to the larger and heavier truck than drivers of small vehicles.
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People in passenger vehicles are more likely to suffer severe injuries like paralysis, head injuries, fractures, and spinal injuries than a trucker. They are also more likely to die in such accidents.
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Trucking Companies are not Liable.

A trucking company should not convince you that it is not liable for its truck driver’s negligent actions. The truth is that a trucking company is responsible for its employees’ actions and can be held accountable if its truck driver causes an accident. They are responsible for vetting truck drivers and ensuring they are qualified before getting behind the wheel.

Additionally, you may have a separate claim against the trucking company for negligent hiring, negligent maintenance of trucks, and violation of federal and state laws governing trucking companies. It is the work of truck accident lawyers to investigate the case and prove the liability.

The Insurance Company will Fairly Compensate You.

Believing that an insurance company will fairly compensate you without putting up an intense fight may lead you to settle for a low settlement than you deserve. If the insurance adjuster proposes a settlement amount quickly, there is a good chance your claim has more worth.
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Avoid settling a claim without legal guidance.

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