Steps to Take if Assaulted at a Bar or Nightclub in Hawaii

by Sudarsan

Being a victim of assault can be unsettling, and it is essential to get justice. Whether it is a bar owner, the bouncer or someone else, it is crucial to know the proper measures to take if you are assaulted in a nightclub. These measures will protect your health and safety and ensure you get compensated for the assault. Situations are different, and what works in one may not work in another. Therefore, evaluate your situation and put safety first. Here are the steps you should take if someone has assaulted you in a bar or nightclub.

Call 9-1-1

If you have been assaulted in any nightclub in Hawaii, the first and most crucial thing you should do is call law enforcement. The police will immediately arrest the person who attacked you. They will also make a report that will be vital evidence about when the assault happened, how it happened, who was involved and the injuries you sustained.

Get a Lawyer

In Hawaii, you can handle this type of case on your own. However, having a professional helps you get the justice you deserve and have ample time to nurse your injuries. If you go after the nightclub, you will deal with prosecutors, investigators, and insurance companies. These professionals can be manipulative, so you need someone who understands the law. A personal injury lawyer Hawaii will navigate the case for you and leave you with enough time to seek medical attention.

Do Not Talk About the Assault

Do not talk to anyone, except the police, about the attack. You could say something that the nightclub or the attacker can use against you. Therefore, do not speak about the assault unless you talk to your lawyer or the police.

Gather Details

If there is no commotion, you can try gathering details of the bystanders who may have witnessed the assault. The people may provide essential information to the police about how the attack happened and the involved people. These witnesses will come in handy when proving your claim or when physical details of the attacker are required to catch them.

Get Medical Care

Delaying to get medical help for your injuries will only make them worse. Furthermore, it will jeopardize your case. Even when there are no visible injuries, getting medical care is critical. You could have internal bleeding or a head injury that you may not notice until later. Immediate medical attention helps get examination and treatment. Furthermore, it will be proof that the injuries resulted from the attack.

Let the Club Know

Immediately after the assault happened, notify the nightclub. This will ensure the club does not deny that the incident happened at their premises. If you do not inform the nightclub, the insurance company may argue that the attack did not occur or even did not occur. Therefore, make immediate notice of the assault to the nightclub.


If you have been assaulted at a nightclub, get the right help by hiring a personal injury lawyer. Ensure you also do the things mentioned above if you want to have a viable case.

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