Cybersecurity: What you need to know

by Sudarsan

Cybersecurity is the protection of people and their information from cyber-attacks. As more and more people become aware of cyber threats, they become increasingly worried about their safety. What is cybersecurity in-depth? Cybersecurity is a new, emerging industry with a need for new professionals to help protect people from cyber-attacks. This article provides an overview of cybersecurity and why it’s so crucial in the modern world.

The first step in protecting yourself against hackers is understanding how they work: Who are these cybercriminals? What do they want? And how do they get access to your computer or mobile device? The next step is educating yourself on avoiding being hacked by following some simple steps outlined below.

To be safe online today, you need to understand what you are dealing with. Cybercriminals are sneaky, smart and opportunistic. They use the computer skills they already have for malicious purposes, which often build on each other to give them access to nearly anything they want.

1) A new, emerging industry with a need for new professionals

The cybersecurity industry is ever-growing, as the need for strong security increases every year. Organizations need to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Businesses have been hacked, and there have been many recent data breaches of large corporations such as Sony, Linked In and eBay. In addition, personal accounts can be hacked as more of our lives move online. If a company or personal account is hacked, the effects can be devastating and costly. The security industry needs people with many backgrounds to help protect organizations, businesses and individuals from cyber-attacks.

A new profession under this growing industry is cybersecurity professionals. Career options in the cybersecurity field include jobs as security analysts, computer technicians or network managers. Professionals can also work on a team within a corporation or help design systems and applications on the software side.
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The more experience a professional has, the better their options will be for salary and employment.

2) Malicious purposes which often build on each other

To avoid being hacked, it is important to understand how hackers work. Hackers can gain access to computer systems through social engineering, which uses deception and manipulating people to gain information or access. Hackers may trick employees into giving them passwords or other sensitive information by sending emails appearing legitimate and appearing as an acquaintance. If a criminal gains one password, they may well use that access to obtain more sensitive information.

3) Steps people can take to avoid being hacked.

If you think you have been hacked:

If a computer is hacked, reset the password as soon as possible.

Change the email account if it was accessed and make sure emails are sent to that address.

Check with companies where financial information may be stored, such as Gmail, your bank or credit card companies, to ensure no damage has been done.

If a mobile device has been hacked, unlink the device from your online accounts and change passwords. Reset security settings to their factory defaults and add a password or other security option such as a pattern or fingerprint lock. Finally, contact the service providers that offer remote phone tracking services to know if any suspicious activity is found.

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