Digestive Health: How do probiotics help?

by Sudarsan

The digestive system has an important role for our body. It’s responsible for turning food into nutrients, which serve for body energy, health and cell repair. When the food enters the mouth, the digestive system’s work begins. While the teeth with the help of tongue chew the food, breaking it into smaller parts, saliva is produced in the mouth, which in its turn is also important for digestion and the digestive system starts to work. Then the smaller parts of food go through the esophagus into the stomach, then gradually into small and large intestines. 

The majority of doctors are sure that our immune system’s health is in our intestines,that is, in our digestive system. So, if we have a healthy digestive system, then we have better immune health. 

How do probiotics work?

As we know, millions of microorganisms or bacteria live in our bodies and it’s normal.They compose our microflora. They don’t kill us, just the opposite, they are helpful for our organizm. Probiotics are one of those helpful bacteria which control “bad”  microorganisms (called pathogens) and help the immune system to stay healthy due to digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

When the digestion system has disorders, which may be both genetic and acquired, the balance of good and harmful microrganisms gets confused and the problems begin. Probiotics are a highly effective aid to solve those problems. They are good living microorganisms that our body and digestive system need. The solution is one- to improve digestive health with probiotics. 

Here’s how.

You can fill the gap in two ways: through some food high in probiotics like yogurt, kefir, pickles, olives, kvass, raw cheese, miso, etc.. These foods contain high amounts of probiotics, because they are fermented (though not all fermented foods contain probiotics) . Fermentation is the process where natural bacteria create lactic acid which is responsible for food preservation and for promoting various good bacteria. The second way is to use dietary supplements containing probiotics. Rose Nutrients Supplements has high-dose probiotic supplements which help digestive-immune systems fast and effectively. A capsule a day will make great changes in a short period of time.This kind of supplement is a great option especially for those who don’t like the strong taste and smell of fermented food but need to improve digestion health. 

How can probiotics help?

As we have mentioned above, probiotics are living organisms that are essential for our healthy digestion and thus for our health. Their main role is to fight against bad bacteria and keep them in balance. For example when we get sick, bad microorganisms enter our body and their amount rises, which causes weakness and temperature. 

  But they are helpful not only for digestion but also such conditions as; 

  • Inflammatory bowel disease 
  • Diarrhea ( caused by viruses, bacteria, antibiotics, parasites)
  • Skin problems( eczema, acne)
  • Vaginal or urinary issues
  • Allergies 
  • Oral problems
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Digestive tract infection
  • Helicobacteri pylori 
  • Bladder cancer 

Surely they don’t cure these conditions, but they provide a huge aid to curing. Besides, not all probiotics have the same effect. They have different benefits and you should consult your health provider. Adding probiotic-rich food or supplements to your diet can be a real change for your digestive health and more. 

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